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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Modification Audi A4 2013 the Successor Tradition

Modification Audi A4 2013 the Successor Tradition - Event organizer Candi Lanang (CL) will raise adrenaline prospective owner of a premium sedan. You do this by holding one racing the Audi brand, which is titled Indonesian Audi Race Series (ARIS). Join ISOM series (Indonesian Series Of Motorsport), 32 units of A4 being prepared.

Modification Audi A4 2013

The prospective owners of A4 with the 2013 birth certificate will feel the greatness premium car on the track, Sentul Circuit. Especially since it will have the car does have ' blood ' sport thick.

A4 which will be driven has an excellent energy source. Indeed, only a capacity of 1,800 cc, but had turbo plus. Therefore 1.8T car code.

Modification Audi A4 2013

To be able to be on the track, obviously do not support the standard specification. There should be an adjustment that deserve to be on the track racing. " We just worked on in the sector and cabin safety course. For engine and transmission should be standard factory, " comments Sidarto SA, who was appointed in charge of technical affairs during the last racing calendar.

After buying a special A4 sold for USD 438 million, the cabin will be open all by the Indonesian Audi. Covering the entire door trim and carpet base there. This is to reduce the weight. Later, these components will be wrapped neatly and handed over to the owner.

Completely loaded, the car will roll bar fitted as a condition of necessity. Bening Motor workshop under the command Purbayaka Sutanta will put roll bar by utilizing the nuts and bolts on the connection. " But if you are into the deck, still welded, " said Proto.

The next process, bring to the workshop to be paired exhaust pipe exhaust. Starting from the end, to the rear. Using Kansai label. The resulting sound is quite booming and is able to raise the performance of the car.

Next, the car will be sent to the owner. Later, the owner or designated repair shop will install the suspension and rims. KW Suspension output will be given directly because it involves setting appropriate. " If we were pairs, will not be optimal. Useless as well as settings should be more, " he added.

18 inch rims and tires GT Radial HPY will also be installed by the workshop from the owner. As well as the suspension, the affairs of the legs is concerned with the settings to be tailored to racer. Different drivers, different settings will be generated.

Race one brand is not only dwell on the car brand, but also other components are attached. After buying a car, drivers must also buy racing kit worth USD 73.5 million. Includes suspension, rims, tires 1 set, roll bar and exhaust.

Modification Audi A4 2013

All of which are limited by race as well as the uniform, make maps better competition. The skill of the rider is really at stake. Likewise, the setting of the workshop.

OMR is slightly different than the premium car ever undertaken, the ARIS is guaranteed not to reach the safe mode. " We're trying. Withdrawal racing, car lauched it out on the track all day. Neither is subject to the safe mode. Hopefully later in the race, too, " said Sidarto of DART Racing.

The existence of this race as the successor to tradition ARIS premium sedan race in Indonesia, as well as the successor to the Audi in the racing world. Source by : (!
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