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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Conquering Pangandaran With SkyActiv Mazda Biante

Conquering Pangandaran With SkyActiv Mazda Biante - When PT Mazda Motor Indonesia to invite the media to follow the test drive Mazda Biante route from Jakarta to Pangandaran, West Java (3-5 October 2013 ), the question arises in the minds of OTOMOTIFNET. What else would in the test ? Kan, already been done in Bali?

SkyActiv Mazda Biante

Moreover, from the exterior no significant changes and just a facelift. Of which, at the end of the front and rear bumper plus chrome trim, fitted either side skirts, fog lights and more slim design.

So is the interior. Changes appear on the leather seats, roof monitors, MID indicator on the head unit and no navigation system.

Direct Mode
Interestingly, at the wheel there are paddle shift MPV. Interestingly, it is generally the right lever to raise the gear and left for down left or vice versa. Not so, in this Biante. Both works raise the gear lever, where the living is good hand position. If you want to lose your teeth, had push buttons located on the steering wheel crossbar. Can the left or right. Then, when forgetting to raise gear, at a certain rpm will automatically go up (Direct Mode)

SkyActiv Mazda Biante

Matic bored, can replace the full manual. Simply press the button located on the stick shift. Pemindahaan any dental work done by pressing a button and paddle shift, tub sensation like F1 cars.

This feature not only you want to show MMI to the media. Primarily, it is now the Biante tech 2.0L engine SkyActiv G already has 190 Nm of torque at 4,100 rpm.

Although the body is fairly large, Biante can maneuver nimbly. Fun, perpindahaan every gear acceleration takes place smoothly without any pause. This system is equipped girbok thanks to lock up. Then, when crossing the highway, when I want to increase the speed, no need to kick down, simply by pressing a button on the steering wheel.

Conquering Pangandaran With SkyActiv Mazda Biante
Thus, traveling a distance of 830 km from Jakarta to Pangandaran - Bandung - Jakarta do not feel tired. Moreover, the route toward Pangandaran Beach tourist area like. *references : (
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