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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Modification BMW 323Ci 2000 Ci To M3

Modification BMW 323Ci 2000 Ci To M3 -With the concept of 2-door, coupe it makes sense for some people, who crave the sensation simulated sport sedan. But still can enjoy together like a normal 4-door saloon. Then a 323Ci, considered very reasonable for M. Rizky Pratama ' grasping ' wishes.

Modification BMW 323Ci

Moreover, to perform bersensasi M3, which is actually a variant of the sport share a platform identical to Ci. " That is why, I upgraded almost all sectors of life has M3. Anyway, BMW Sheer Driving Pleasure indeed to be recognized, " he said, still mengandangi Mercy W123 aka Tiger.

So, was installed on the exterior front and rear bumper, diffuser and retractable mirrors belonging M3 or M - Technik. Where the Bi - Xenon head lights, LED tail light and built- series 3 most powerful was not negligent pinned. " The Bumper of plastic material, so baseball weight. But the model is more gahar and no diffuser behind her, "added Rizky who works as the prosecutor.

Modification BMW 323Ci

The installation was carried out with a plug and play, but that needs to be clarified, naming M - Technik actually refers to the application of air- bagde BMW M. Where M is a version specially modified BMW berportofolio variant with the highest trim. Thus, M - Technik brand is not a stand-alone tuner.

Meanwhile, the application of the legs as well so it most attention. BBS trend is coupled with BMW, is most fit alloys to create a ' broken neck '. Then BBS LM center cap with red selected so pengontrasnya. Size 19x ( 8 +9 ) inches with a bandage Achilles ATR Sport tires 225/35ZR19 and 235/35ZR19. His stance is seen fit, also contributed to the decrease in body implants thanks to Eibach Pro Kit.

Interestingly, the body look more classic look if you see a line style decal E30 M - Technik. In fact, " I created this custom stickers. Experiments, there are only a little difference in the edges compared to E30, "commentator settlers of the region 's Permata Hijau South Jakarta. No doubt, this makes one a member of the community Ci is E46ers contrasting yet harmonious look. Bravo !

Constrained BUS SYSTEM

The cabins come aroma touched M3. " Maybe this is the only one Ci is full M3. Including carpet - rug, " says Denny Hermawan of workshops numbers Bimmer Auto Works in Kebun Orange, West Jakarta. So what's the difference ? " In terms of color, have a brownish M3, while Ci original upholstery, beige and black. M3 had a buckle on the seat beside him, so baseball is easy to shake. Headrest is also no emboss M3 and somewhat round, "added Denny.

And order matching, the dashboard, door trim and ceiling are all changed to a brown color, in addition to cluster A / C electric models. Installation is fairly complicated, although everything is plug and play. Moreover, " Ngurut wires are hard. Because the BMW system, all intertwined in BUS System. Hence, it takes a month to process, "she added.

However, not all devices can be mounted in cabin M3 Ci. One of them meter cluster, because, " Bede specs. In M3 and no oil pressure needle other appropriate information at the engine needs kenceng. So for car Rizky, wrote a dashboard switch and spidometernya baseball, "added Denny

Modification BMW 323Ci

Modification BMW 323Ci 2000 Ci To M3
The legs : Auto Trend, Artery Kelapa Dua (Kebun Orange), West Jakarta
Interior : Bimmer Auto Works, Arterial Kelapa 2 (Kebun Orange), West Jakarta
Painting : Brilliant, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta
Exhaust: CAD & RMC, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta

M - Technik front bumper, rear bumper diffuser carbon + M - Technik, custom duck tail, carbon grille, retractable carbon BMW M3 mirrors, Bi - Xenon head light BMW M3, head light fog lamp bulb + K DS 4300, BMW LED tail light M3, Eisenmann exhaust, custom decal M - Technik, BBS LM rims 19x ( 8 +9 ) inch, tire Achilles ATR Sport 225/35ZR19 and 235/35ZR19, center cap BBS, Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs, brake caliper WP Pro 6 - pots, painted red + cross drilled discs, electric seat memory + BMW M3, BMW M3 steering wheel, door trim + airbag BMW M3, BMW M3 center oval mirror, floormat BMW M3, BMW M3 ceiling trim, AC Schnitzer pedal set, hand brake AC Scnitzer lever, Business CD head unit, optional BMW M3, optional audio by Harman Kardon Logic (front speakers, rear speakers, subwoofer and power amplifier). Channel : (!

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