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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Modification BMW 530i 183, Alpina Looks!

Modification BMW 530i 183, Alpina Looks! - Generation E28 series 5 codes is included in the ranks of luxury cars in his time. Born in 1981 and stopped production in 1987. The next generation is the E34 which is often called Bulldog.

Modification BMW 530i 183

E28 golden age marked by the presence tuner Alpina version claimed fastest sedan at the time. Actually, the second fastest after M5 version,  Ade said Jendy, the owner of the white E28.

However, because the M5 is the tuning of BMW's own version, so if the Alpina version firmer, feared could disrupt sales of BMW, so little give in to the M5,  he added. Period of nostalgia that is trying to be raised in the 520i.

As far as my observation, it does not yet exist that build E28 Alpina detailed as this. Alpina goods that message a bit troublesome, mas,   Jendy open, her nickname. According to him, to bring Alpina parts, especially the engine, the evidence must be included if we did have a car that fit the parts,   he explained.

So we have to give the chassis number, car photos, car documents, and other evidence. New deh can be approved,   he said again. The goal, Alpina will not happen misuse of its products.

In the catalog, issued Alpina many engine components. Among these are the crankshaft, pistons, carburetors, exhaust, and motronik for E28. Unfortunately Jendy these components have not been successful due to hit reaching regulation of Alpina. So while wearing Hartge H27 cylinder head first, she said.
while wearing Hartge H27 cylinder head first, she said.

Modification BMW 530i 183

The cylinder head has been derived from the E28 was not the road, but the engine was full Hartge, yes 've taken the engine alone,   recalls a man who also has the BMW 728i.

Piston and piston also replaced Hartge that has greater bore x stroke. Rise much, so now 2700 cc. In addition, the cylinder head has another advantage. Ie valves and stronger per valve, and the valve design a flat surface ( not concave ) resulting in high compression.

With the replacement of the engine innards, standard M20 engine that had 127 HP increased its power to about 142 HP. less significant upside

It is still not optimal, there are perforated metal way,   he complained. According Jendy, if the optimal setting guaranteed to go up even more power. But the basic Jendy, although metal road collapsed but still trying to make ~ donut ™ in Senayan parking lot. Beware Hartge block is destroyed bro !

Modification BMW 530i 183

Differences In Different Versions

If you notice, probably Alpina wheels are still often found in BMW enthusiasts. Moreover, measuring 16 inches by PCD 4x100, which is often found attached at E30.

But Alpina is embedded in the E28 specs quite pretty rare. First, the size is 17 inches with a 5x120 PCD. Second, the fitment is destined for series 5. Due to the width of 8.5 inch offset 13 at the front and 9.5 inches in the rear offset 24.

However, for the young year, offset it a little bigger, Jendy snapped. This caused the young years been applying the brake disc. Years old while still using the drum, so baseball stuck with calipers,   cuapnya. As a result,

Alpina for the young year has offset 14 mm in front and 22 mm at the rear to be able to accommodate the amount of calipers. Besides calipers, wide wheelbase also affects the rate offset, ie be larger. So do not be surprised if we meet Alpina alloy wheels with a spec like that, said the old man outside the school in this country.

Accessories in his day

Nah denied again when playing retro car then all the accessories to go back in his day. Even so in the 520i, a lot of accessories attached antiquity, Now nyarinya really hard,   sighed the man who likes to joke. For instance there on its LX Recaro seats. What is unique is in its headrest, cushion models, but similar to the existing version of the pillow his speakers,   he explained.

FYI, never issued a Recaro seat that has a built -in speaker on the headrest. This variant is called Recaro Blaupunkt Blaupunkt because the speaker uses. Typically, the larger headrest headrest pillow than usual.

There is more to be proud of Jendy, namely his sunroof. This is actually Webasto, but funny at the glass there ketrikan Sekurit,   she said. We know this is a congenital car sunroof standard. It's so, then slide it open alias exit out. Jendy predict the sunroof of a car a small roofed, two-door car I think,   she said.

If baseball is Sekurit his writings, I want baseball to take the sunroof, hahaha   joked the man who often appear fashionable. Because according to him, without writing Sekurit Webasto is still easy to find, so less artful.

Deko Set Alpina

On his E28, Jendy doing a lot of changes, as closely as possible with the contrived Anyway Catalog E28 Alpina,   he asserted. Then the default gray color scraped off and replaced with alpine white. The following replacement of an existing color in the catalog, and to paint Sikkens products following Jendy wearing varnish.

The next step is the installation of the decal. If the language of his Alpina, Deko Set, said the tall man. If judging from the catalog, this set Deko there are three colors, namely royal blue, bright green, and silver. Or it could be a combination of the two colors. E28 was chosen colors in royal blue and bright green.

Modification BMW 530i 183, Alpina Looks!
But got my replica, made their own, hehehe   Jendy chortled. Alpina replica because he chose not to expel her deko set arbitrarily, Yes it was, complicated orders,   he complained. Even so, the Alpina style decal is sufficient to provide powerful visual. Different from the others.

Data Specification :
Hartge H27 cylinder head, valve per Hartge, Hartge valve, piston Hartge, Hartge piston, water filters Hurricane, Alpina wheels 17x ( 8.5 +9.5 ) et 13 ( front ) et 24 ( rear ) tires Dunlop Lemans 215 / 50/R17 & 225/50/R17, front sokbreker Gabriel, sokbreker Boge rear, bumper add on BBS, Alpine white paint by Sikkens, Deko Set Alpina replica stickers, lamp wiper, wiper wing SWF, kepet E28 OEM, OEM Webasto sunroof, sein E36 fenders, antennas Hirschmann, muffler Boyessen, head unit Pioneer DEH - P6850MP, DLS tweeter, rear Blaupunkt speakers, power amplifier Solobaric SL - 4200, 12 -inch subwoofer Cliff Design, sticks equalizer Blaupunkt BEQ - S2, Recaro seats LS ™ 84, headrest Recaro LS ™ 81, M - Technic custom ducktail, Hella rear brake lamp, map lamp E34. Channel : (!

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