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Monday, October 28, 2013

Modification BMW 320i M Convertible Steady Bro!

Modification BMW 320i M Convertible Steady Bro! - JAKARTA -In the midst of hunting dream car back to the 90s both Japanese and European sedan output, quietly bleeding Cing Aem Betawi have a higher standard in Determining desire.

Him, European sedan output is better to be collected, in particular variants of the BMW 3 series E36 type. "The shape is timeless, and comfortable daily with size is not too big, " said Cing Aem.


Modification BWM 320i M

No wonder that in his garage lined many of the various types of BMW E36. Start a local version of the 3 series 4 door, hardtop coupe type and variant E36 compact ( hatchback ). But of all of them, at least respect the Cing Aem 320i variant ' convertible ' is a red.

Besides still smooth and presentable, mileage on the odometer today a new 28,000 km. Figures are minimal considering the cabriolet 2 door sedan was born 1996, aka 16 - year-old.

" If the E36 is special indeed Because besides rare in Indonesia, the condition is also fairly minimal time to get use, " said the man who was also fond of the racing touring.

Hence, Cing Aem not want to be careless in terms of restoration. Donny Hermawan from BND body repair shop that was already katam with E36 type, are invited to restore the soft top 2 - door sedan version of the M - Technic.

For your information, this variant of the M - Technic is a limited edition that is loaded with aura and indeed sport - issued manufacturer BMW, based in Germany.

Modification BWM 320i M

So - frills berembel BMW M - Technic has not Possessed the type of optional convertible or coupe E36 else. The term cool Limited Edition.

Can be seen from the exterior and interior of the car does have differences. Can peered apron spoiler lips that part has distinctive black M - Technic.

Modification BWM 320i M

Still on the front, a pair of headlights washer also come standard with M - Technic. Scroll to the side, the rear view mirror to see the legendary M - Technic also paired the E36 - owned Cing Aem.

While also carrying the body kit M - Technic roomates is actually in the form of side skirts, door trim bearing the M logo - Tehcnic and rear diffuser just below the rear bumper.

This sport is Characterized by a combination option be fitted when coupled with an interior that is also a limited edition. Not just a pair of electric seats wrapped in genuine leather, maroon red color so in tune with the body.

The more fit only when seen in combination with a mix of leather wooden parts on the dash and console shifter lever and 4 - speed matic feature Econo Drive and this sport.

Still slick conditions did not make Cing Aem get complacent. Her whole body was painted over with a solid red oven system similar to BMW 's paint code.

Including lamps bought a new one Because mica exterior headlights have started to turn yellow. " Lights sein USA version let me buy more accented, " said Donny entrusted rebuilt BMW cabriolet ini.Termasuk replace bumper garnish that also the American version.

The rest, Donny played only the legs to be more muscular with the use of gas sokbreker KONI products complete with coil born shorter than the factory standard.

Because this is Cing Aem want to wear a wider rim of Racing Dynamics products. Three - pieces type of rim diameter of 18 inches inhabits four fender with combination of different widths.

8.5 inch front rim tread while for 1 - inch wider rear. Concoction suspension and legs is done so that maneuvers at high speeds more comfortable.

Instead of nothing, factory standard 3200 cc engine that is used now is quite powerful despite matic transmission. " Running 200 km / h on the highway no giddy sense at all, " whispered Cing who hooked speeding Aem this.

Modification BWM 320i M

If the highway long enough, just turn on the cruise control to get a constant speed roomates is also a standard option on a variant of the M - Technic.

Modification BMW 320i M Convertible Steady Bro!
Unfortunately, the canvas top is now used already worn so much the wind Began to leak into the cabin. " I again kepikiran new canvas message of America to complete its restoration, " said cing again smoothed Aem is also BMW 316i ' compact ' for the baby. Channel : ( Author: Kl : X • Text Editor : Bagja • Photos : Kelix!

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