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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Modified BMW 318i E30 M42 Twin Tuner AC Schinitzer

Modified BMW 318i E30 M42 Twin Tuner AC Schinitzer - JAKARTA - Up, read the title, the author is not guaranteed a typo because Antonius owned BMW 318i E30 Gita Prasad is no longer engined M40.

Modified BMW 318i E30 M42

For a big fan of BMW E30 alias ' Mas Boy ', the engine swap is considered valid as long as the machine is still a family. " In Germany or America there M42 engined E30 series, labeled 318iS, " said Gita.


In the country, only variant that carries the old BMW Z3 M42 engine. It was not much population. Gita was accidentally found M42B18 engine in new condition.

Modified BMW 318i E30 M42

The story, when he played for one of his friends is a specialist BMW garage. " In one corner garage, piled the M42 engine is still in the crates, " he recalls.

Investigate a investigate, it turns out the machine was ordered by a customer to cancel an order. No longer hear the man's status, Gita immediately issued a death seduction tactics to make up for it.

Having obtained an agreement about the price, was installed in the machine 's condition long block engine into the cabin E30 silver - frills full berembel Schnitzer hers.

" The installation is almost no problem because the same construction with M40 engine, " said Adhi Pratama Wijanarko of BMWCCI that helps in the installation process.

On paper, this machine has a performance on the M40 because the engine is DOHC ( Double Overhead Camshaft ) and already use the technology more advanced injection (Bosch 1.7 injection)

Modified BMW 318i E30 M42

Although both with a capacity of 1,800 cc, but the M42B18 capable of spraying power between 136-140 hp. Compare that with M40 who just maintained a steady 110-115 hp.

Especially after the header also created the customized kit for the new engine, the exhaust gas is able to improve the free flow acceleration in the lower and middle rounds.

Still not satisfied with the performance, Bosch injector with injector congenital exchanged machine copotan of Ford Mustang GT that had more rapid discharge gas and live plug n play.

Consequently, gasoline was more ngocor. When it was still able to consume 8-9 km / liter now around 6-7 km / liter after the header and muffler kit installed. If a car for daily, monthly gasoline budget fairly well.

Modified BMW 318i E30 M42

Hunting Rare Parts

Done already struggle to engine swap. But be responsible, because the car is still standard tongkrongan.

Let me look not kebanting, full accessories Schnitzer paired to the whole car. Fancy term single tuner.

Starting from the rim, body kit, shift knob, steering wheel gas pedal labeled Schnitzer. " Hunting Schnitzer parts fair amount of time and it takes patience because it is already scarce, " said the man who lived at number Cipete, this southern Jakarta.

Hunting is not half-hearted, even lead to unusual odd parts like lamps with smoked lenses.

Head lamp that can be made Hella and Magneti Marelli brake light output. " In the country, the lights are rare, " proud Gita.

Including duck tail type Foha 1235 E30 owners are much sought after. " Luckily there are also internet because some parts can be a virtual world, " whispered the man who repeated each end of June this year.

Modified BMW 318i E30 M42 Twin Tuner AC Schinitzer
No less unique is the seat of a pair of original BMW E30 325i sport version of the semi-bucket. The more handsome cabin only display side by side with AC Schnitzer steering wheel. Channel : (!

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