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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Modified BMW 320i E90 with E-Ninety

Modified BMW 320i E90 with E-Ninety - JAKARTA - Acquaintance with European sedan began 10 years ago. At that time, his pregnant wife requested that the car replaced the comfortable suspension.

Modified BMW 320i E90

No doubt Mitsubishi Lancer SEI ( CK4 ) is still brand BMW 318i E46 exchanged. " Until now, transmissivity wear European sedan, " said Armand Maulana, Maulana Goddess Naja father who is now 10 years old.

Journey vocalist Gigi in maintaining European sedan is quite long, up to now gush E90 BMW 320i output in 2005. " From the E46, had to Mercy C - Class, BMW 5 series E90 until finally choose, " recalled Armand.

Not without reason, the Sunda -blooded man chose E90 as a horse during activity in Jakarta. " For the size of the sedan, and the muscular body dressed nice, " he said in a thick accent Sunda.

Understandably, not like other professional colleagues, Armand was hooked ngoprek. So the thought of Holden Special 1961 Chrysler red engined fully customized hers in ancient times. " Well, if it does not the car, but the antiques, " joked Dewi Gita 's husband.

Modified BMW 320i E90

Back to the matter modification, Armand did not want the car perform standard office car tub. In his hands, the car should perform his trademark energetic fit during a gig. Calling for the strong chum was consulted about the European car finery.

" Do not get the wrong slang, I'll be diketawain AUTOMOTIVE children, " she whispered. Handoko Eddy Kurniawan of home modifications that Inspire bodykit specialist, invited rembukan.

After selecting the appropriate model, finally agreed to make a replica for the Wald Black Bison made by Armand. "From the front it looks grim because of the hole in the bottom of the grille combined two pairs fog lamp projector models, " said the singer 's Singles.

Including accented same sideskirt add more fierce. No less stern drives the car with a unique design which implements many holes diffuser tub. At the center of the rear bumper had been perforated, perforated, visible buffer diffuser that resembles Bison horns. Tongkrongan suddenly changed. But this is merely just, Armand ngabrik tear his car.

Similar rim M - Series

After seeing the rims and tires, Armand immediately limp because of the rim and the tire can no longer use the diameter of responsibility. Rim options fall into that design products similar to Taiwan 291M BBS for BMW E90 M-series.

Modified BMW 320i E90

The difference is on the combination of black and silver color, not like the original M3 berkelir all silver and also gained 1 inch diameter of rim -series M3 a ring 19. Accelera Phi tires 265/30-19 brand used. Directly underneath the fender looks ' full '.

All suspension is also improved by replacing the standard coil mill using Eibach products that make the car drop about 35 mm. " Do not be too shallow, then baseball can go home, " he joked.

The main menu reworked exterior and the legs are finished. Stay smoothed detail like LED taillights smoked lens version, stainless steel exhaust tip Wald with 4 headlights and HID projector lamp models are already equipped angel eyes.

Modified BMW 320i E90 with E-Ninety
The roof of the car which is actually the same color as the other body panels, as well as Arman worked with ORACAL to put stickers panoramic roof effect. " It's like a glass roof, euy! " Happy moment just stickers attached. Channel : ( Author: Kl : X • Text Editor : Bagja • Photos : KLX

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