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Monday, October 28, 2013

Modified BMW 528i E39, Stance Maniac

Modified BMW 528i E39, Stance Maniac - Starting from science that draws in college Engginering APEX University in New York. Men's full name Roberto Audi Caesario, admitted falling in love with Europe in particular BMW vehicles.

Modified BMW 528i E39

Audi beginning of the story, her nickname, buy a 1999 BMW 528 E39 from a friend worth USD 25 million with conditions that are less good.

" I thought, what would I do to make this second BMW can look up without damaging the body of the car standard has an elegant nuance. I finally decided Stance style modification, this modification enough to recall menceperkan suspension and use a large rim, "he says.

His first action is to dismantle all four legs and cut 2 inch suspension and melasnya back. That is, that the new tires and rims can be installed without a hitch.

Modified BMW 528i E39

Audi chose two piece rims Hamman Pegasus III with step lips. " Actually peleknya center base diameter of 18 inches, but with the addition of step lips, so the 19-inch rims, " said Audi.

As a result the car so it looks more fall and become more oblique position tire with rim protruding out. 4 door saloon while so this looks brand new, front lights and rear lights fed output 2002. Similarly, the front bumper and grille also changed, so that the perfect facelift.

While the interior, " Quite satisfied with the standard, which is important neatness is maintained, " said Audi is also owner of the shop in Da House numbers Galaxy, Bekasi.

In order to appear more elegant, the cabin roof dicoak by a set of branded aftermarket Webasto sunroof made in Germany can be installed in his E39.

Modified BMW 528i E39

Modified BMW 528i E39, Stance Maniac
" Looks standard but make people who see gregetan want to have my BMW 's, and already 3 people who bid, but I do not loose since I bought this car and woke up with the results of his own sweat, " cap Audi accompanied Rinandita Hastuti Andayani that dipersuntingnya January. Channel : ( Author : Oka • Text Editor : Bagja • Photo : Oka!

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