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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Modified BMW E46 Competed For the Idol

Modified BMW E46 Competed For the Idol - JAKARTA - BMW for some people is still a premium-class car. But the hands Posma Panggabean, the European car can be made more premium again. One way to modify it to go racing touring. Thus arguably very rare BMW E46 318i, like hers who follow racing.

Modified BMW E46

Love to the world of racing and racers idolized World Touring Car Championship ( WTCC ), Andy Priaulx is one reason Posma buy a car bearing the propeller. Other reasons, because the 3 series is BMW 's most convenient variant racing use. " Performance part a lot. Comparisons good power to weight ratio and wide wheelbasenya, " said Posma about the car selection.

Direction is already clear, namely Supercar participate in class. Then the modification can not be done half-hearted. Even for more established performance, some teams and drivers competing in the BMW WTCC call.

Modified BMW E46

Original engine was definitely not used anymore. Life has changed E46 M3. 3,200 cc capacity, with 6 throttle body. While computer use Viezu Technologies ECU engine mapping. This configuration produces a power of 350 hp. According to the shop owner Privat Auto Garage in Jatiwaringin, East Jakarta is still much standard engine. Performance parts for being on the way to Indonesia.

Besides the engine, the components are also installed in the E46 M3 gearbox, which has a 6 speed. Of course, closer gear ratio so the acceleration is also more adequate. The legs and also use the brakes belong E46 M3, just sokbreker who rely on KW Clubsport output.

Demi mounts like competing in the WTCC 2005 season, also customized body parts. The most visible color in the car. The combination of red, blue and white steeds resemble Andy Priaulx in the 2005 season. In addition, the body kit is also fitted. " I come from WTCC team, " said Posma. The components consist of a hood, front and rear bumpers, wings and overfender.

Modified BMW E46

Modified BMW E46 Competed For the Idol
All components are made of a fiberglass body kit, unless overfender. Posma re-create them out of the plate, so that if touched when racing is not broken. Rim BBS Motorsport Wheel output wearing size 17 inches by 9 inches wide come from teams where Alex Zanardi shelter while still in the WTCC. This application makes more rim out 2 inches from the body. Channel : ( Author: Toncil • Text Editor : Bagja • Photos : Kelix

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