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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Modified Mini Coupe AC Schnitzer, Elegant Minimalist

Modified Mini Coupe AC Schnitzer, Elegant Minimalist - Germany - AC Schnitzer name in the world is identical modifications as BMW tuner. Various types more slick BMW successfully overhauled by the German tuner. Want to spread its wings, now the Mini Coupe products are also touched with elegant minimalist flow.

Modified Mini Coupe AC Schnitzer

At first the work of AC Schnitzer Mini Coupe in working on this, they are more focused on the change in detail. In both the exterior and interior.

Look beyond the shiny look with black alloy chime silver accents on the roof, and white decal set in several panels. As a symbol of pride, the stern bearing the AC Schnitzer sticker affixed.

Not to forget, AC Schnitzer rims size 18 inch Mi 1 Y cross design silver color or bi - color helped beautify the legs of his.

In order to control more yahud, there is the option of racing suspension with height adjustment or per kit from AC Schnitzer aluminum strut brace equipped and special antiroll bar for the rear axle.

Details cabin more perfect thanks transmission knob with digital gear display. Pedal set and foot rest aluminum. As well as the hand brake handle " Black Line " and made of velor floor mats.

Modified Mini Coupe AC Schnitzer

The biggest change is not just happening on his looks. But details which can improve the handling and driving characteristics. Including the use of new limited slip differential.

Modified Mini Coupe AC Schnitzer, Elegant Minimalist
In addition, the Mini Coupe is also equipped with a stainless steel sports exhaust with the silencer system also chrome plated. High-performance brakes were also applied. With 4 - piston calipers, perforated discs, brake bracket and stainless brake hoses fitted on all four wheels. Channel : ( Author: JJ • Text Editor : Bagja • Photos : AC Schnitzer

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