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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Plus VGT technology, Kian New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Injury - Plus VGT technology, Kian New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Injury - Having launched the new Pajero Sport, PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors Direct offers to menjajalnya. This opportunity is not wasted, simply select the type of curiosity Dakar with a machine that is equipped with technology VGT ( Variable Geometry turbo ) with automatic transmission 4WD.

New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Injury

Although only once around the region Rancamaya Golf, Bogor, track conditions are very supportive to determine engine performance and control. Because, bends and hilly streets.

The first impression when entering the cabin, the instrument panel design and a new audio visual aid enough in the cabin. Black leather upholstery adds a spunky character and her name in accordance with the Dakar.

Sounds Silent Diesel Engines

Shortly machine is turned on, the typical diesel vibration is still felt. But his voice is not heard in the cabin. This adds to the comfort. Plus, the suspension damping is soft when hit bumps aka bumpy road, making the driver feel confident to run with fast cars.

Abundant energy at Round Top
To answer the curiosity, what kind of greatness Pajero Sport engines this obstinate, Accidentally begins to accelerate from a stop. VGT technology roles so great, especially when the transfer takes place each tooth, arguably there is hardly empty. Moreover, the engine speed above 2,500 rpm starts. Until he realized, several times speedometer already touched the figure of 80-100 km per hour.

More curious, tried 4x4 drive systems. While running at low speed, 4x4 gear lever located on the right lever is shifted from automatic enough 2H to 4H. Dilibas rerumput road conditions without any slight slippage symptoms. Fairly steep uphill road was diladeni. Pretty fun.

For families who like adventure, Pajero Sport seems to be reckoned with. Mesjn diesel power make confident, freely invited to any track and the comfort is maintained.

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