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Monday, November 18, 2013

Chevrolet Camaro car is going to be Batman! - Chevrolet Camaro car is going to be Batman - Hollywood - Ben Affleck is ready to be Batman that will appear on the big screen in 2015. Being curious, like what he Batmobile that will be used, because the rumors, will be different from the last of the Batman films.

Chevrolet Camaro car is going to be Batman

The latest news, as reported by Jalopnik today ( 2/11 ), General Motors is preparing his car Batman. Just like Bumblebee Transformer 4, GM Advanced Design Studio in Hollywood today who are designing the Batmobile.

Well, the rumor anyway, Batman Batmobile that will be used to take the bassist of the Chevrolet Camaro. The form was not as extreme as the previous films, but this time it is predicted to be more realistic.

If the latest Bumblebee comes with a design of the good, we should also wait will like what Chevy Camaro that will be designed for the Batmobile. At least, both the film will raise the prestige of iconic muscle car from the Chevrolet.

Besides the Chevy Camaro, Cadillac reportedly older cars will also be present in the film, with some specific changes.

References: ( Author: Bagja • Text Editor : Bastian • Photos : Jalopnik
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