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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chevrolet Camaro RC1 version of Dale Earnhardt, Strength 750 HP - Chevrolet Camaro RC1 version of Dale Earnhardt, Strength 750 HP - America - American tuner, Richard Childress Racing Street Performance in cooperation with General Motors to build a limited edition car based RC1 Chevrolet Camaro musclecar.

Chevrolet Camaro RC1

Special musclecar is dedicated as a tribute to the late NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt. As is known, Earnhardt was killed when he joined the Nascar Daytona 500 event in 2001 ago, because it involved a great crash.

And as a form of respect, RC1 figure whitewash Camaro with racing car livery colors Earnhardt used, ie, black with silver and red graphics that extends from the snout to the tail. Even the body color matching is also available on its five bolt rim.

Chevrolet Camaro RC1

Meanwhile, the front faces made with the application of body kit that extends downward and sharply angled grille with a large cavity. The body kit makes use of RC1 Camaro looks increasingly grim.

Move backwards, RC1 Camaro fitted with duck tail like a Nascar race car. As well as the bumper is now equipped with a diffuser, double tip muffler and stop lamp with chrome garnish.

So as not to lose his looks grim, Richard Childress Racing Street Performance also touched the engine is claimed to produce power up to 750 hp. The number is far greater than the power output of the V8 engine is only 400 hp Camaro.

Channel : ( Author: Ilham • Text Editor : Bagja • Photos : RCR

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