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Saturday, November 16, 2013

City Car Chevrolet Spark Cars Military Contrived - car modification - City Car Chevrolet Spark Cars Military Contrived - Las Vegas - Cars frightening figure is identical to the military and large, such as tanks and armored vehicles. But the idea of making a car-based military citycar actually embraced by fashion manufacturers, Enemy To Fashion Chevrolet Spark in modifying this one.

Although only 'Military Look,' Spark is described as a modern military vehicles made cars like the war in general. Just look at the sector body that whitewash a dark green color bergrafis 'Camouflage' typical fighter fleet.

Accessories section on the outside looks aggressive with the application of Rhino Rack roof rack full of audio devices on the roof. In addition, to support security, iron bars berkelir black matte finish surrounds the body of depang bumper to bumper and rear fender. More complete, there are LEDs in headlamps, And the legs are sturdy with Fifteen52 wheels wrapped in Falken tires.

Aggressiveness on the exterior is also reflected in the interior. Racing-style Recaro seats were also installed in the cabin of the American car. Well, if the car does not have a fighter usually entertainment device, the Chevrolet Spark Enemy to Fashion's claim has been applying the audio system from Kicker.
About the performance, citycar 1,200 cc engine was also boosted with intact air from Injen and full exhaust system that worked by Supertrapp. Eccentric!

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(  Author: Lala • Text Editor: Bagja • Photo: Enemy to Fashion
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