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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Modification BMW 318i E30 1990, Wolves in Sheep's Clothing - Car Modification BMW 318i E30 1990, Wolves in Sheep's Clothing - It's a lot to think so bro, just the look of it, "says Abhimanyu, the owner of the Blue Piaggio sedan. " As soon as I gas, original new light, " said the man who works as a lawyer this.

Modification BMW 318i E30 1990

So Abi opened the hood, it seems stunning and terrible sight. Yup, the only E30 engine capacity of 1,800 cc engine was replaced with a 2.5 M50 FrankEngine capacity of 2500 cc !

Crazy again, one of the engines of BMW tuner is not allowed in standard conditions. " I was useless if not upgraded, from the later dismantled again, " said Abi seriously. Finally, the machine was dismantled soon to see his condition. Overall, the condition is still good, it's just that Abi wants faster performance.

Eventually the machine was in re - blueprint. The entire piston and crankshaft in balance again, then the camshaft is replaced with alerts Dastek Schrick and added Unichip Q +. "I forgot how much its duration cam, but certainly if you step on the gas, the engine immediately ' cried ' and sinister voice bro, hehehe... " he said.
Modification BMW 318i E30 1990

According to estimates Abi. " Now the engine power of 230 hp, 140-160 km / h now so easy, " told you happy. Not only the engine, transmission and axle shift following short changed from the former version of the E30 M3 engine power to compensate feral.
Satisfied with the engine, Abi also whitewash the entire body with Piaggio color Blue that memorable calm, do not forget the whole body kit original Hartge also pinned.

Modification BMW 318i E30 1990

Oh yes, Abi also quite ' bear ' hole in the roof to install a Webasto sunroof. For the interior, Recaro seats Abi put the blue material to match the paint. Then the speedometer, steering wheel, and shift knob are also taken from the M3 version of the E30.

To be sure, once invited to try to Bintaro toll road, it feels heart beat faster when she saw the speedometer before I know it reaches 150 km / h. Not to mention it was attached to a head when the gas pedal Recaro seats run out. It's incredible! *Reference : KYN & Bagja ( • Photos : KYN
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