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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Modification BMW 318i E46 2004, Chase Comfortable Trendy Simultaneously - Car Modification BMW 318i E46 2004, Chase Comfortable Trendy Simultaneously - High school be the most beautiful. Many wishes are achieved in the school stage. That is done by Trisan.

Modification BMW 318i E46 2004

Youth who are still in high school the desire to add more. "The car should still be comfortable, " he said. Therefore, he chose the BMW E46 318i 2004 for the modified output and daily wear.

For execution, the rim so the earliest option. In addition to the easiest, replacement rim is also the most rapidly changing the look of the car compared to other modifications.

Output is taken Autocouture rim size of 20 inches. 9 inch wide front while the rear 11 inches. Interestingly, not fully wrapped rim Accelera tires. Several centimeters wide tires wrapped rim not allowed. " It is intentionally so, let me wheel looks extreme. Outside the tire rim, " said Sansan, vocation. As a result, the tire in contact with the outside continues to fender lip.

Modification BMW 318i E46 2004

Subsequent changes focus on audio. " Often used daily, so audio must also good. If hanging out at a friend or get stuck fitted baseball bored, " said the student was born in Bandung, West Java this.

Thus , the mission of the modifications applied to work well . Convenience remains present without losing trend that is loved. *Reference : Toncil & Bagja ( • Photos : Kelix
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