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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Modification BMW 323i e46 2000 Childhood Dream - Car Modification BMW 323i e46 2000 Childhood Dream - Inevitably, hellaflush modified virus spreads very fast in the country. Although actually, this trend comes from Indonesia. " Back when I was a kid, I often see why Toyota Corolla DX, Honda Civic and Toyota Kijang wear Wonder rim width up out of the fender, " open Lionar Mulyawan.

Modification BMW 323i e46 2000

Without thinking, just the 28-year -old man was immediately overhaul the foot, because that is the core of hellaflush. Lionar lucky owners know familiar with Franklin Alterpro in Bogor which has many exotic stock rims. Type CCW Classic rims custom -made size 18 inches by 9.5 inches wide +18 offset front.

While behind the more eccentric though the same diameter, but reaching 11 inches wide with a +15 offset. This model is made concave rim widest CCW in Indonesia. Not to forget, all four tires wrapped in Toyo Proxes 4. And to reduce the height, entrusted H & R lowering kit made in Germany.

Finished upgrading the legs, join now turn Exterior touched. " Less cool dong if only rim modification alone, should also look sporty, " says this young entrepreneur. Home modifications in the number of Inspire Motorsport Jln. Long, West Jakarta following a goal. Through creativity Eddy Handoko, retainer Inspire Motorsport, BMW M3 body kit fitted to the front and rear bumpers, side skirts are made Hamann GTR models. Bored only with fiberglass, community members [ connection ] is asking for Bogor carbon material for the front lip, rear diffuser, canard and ducktail.

Modification BMW 323i e46 2000

" The project is not stopped up here still to be worked again, especially in the sectors of machinery and car entertainment, though not extreme, " which is a hobby Lionar cap modification. Yah ya awaited continuation of the project.

interior upgrades

The interior is also very important for Lionar. " Actually, BMW E46 interior is quite luxurious, but because the car has reached the age of 13 years, it's time to upgrade, " said Franklin Alterpro the entire interior remodel goto task sedan coded M52 engine.

The whole skin is replaced with a standard artificial Wollsdorf Austria. Do not just rely on an expensive leather, Franklin also beautify E46 seat belongs to his close friend with carbon trim. Steering wheel was replaced by the BMW M3 wrapped in Nappa leather. Simultaneously, the M3 instrument cluster belongs to adopt the pointer speed with few mile per hour ( MPH ). *Reference : ( Hardi & Bagja • Photos : Hardi
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