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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Modification BMW E39 528i 1998, Black Beauty look of the M5 - Car Modification BMW E39 528i 1998, Black Beauty look of the M5 - Immediately fell in love when I first saw changes in this 1998 BMW 528i birth. The first word that comes to mind is black beauty. Did not take long to see the data or specifications, essentially, the beauty speaks for itself ! Enough gambot sedan looked at this figure, certainly imagine how elegant beauty concepts are formed. As a result, the more curiosity peaked so the owner, Anwar Chartian provide ignition. Let's go!

Modification BMW E39 528i 1998

From the exterior, M5 body kit consisting of front and rear bumper with distinctive design M5, very fitting for this E39 BMW coded body. "In my opinion, the most suitable for the E39, so use the model of the M5. Seen more aggressive without losing the elegant impression," said Tian, familiar greeting. Not to forget, Tian also replaced the original mirror to that of M5. " The design is okay, if a bit stiff model of the original mirror. Nah disconnected same body kit designs, " said the man was friendly.

Not enough, in a custom ducktail trunk mounted so as not to look too empty, " wrote a draw order, especially the right rear bumper there are 2 holes for exhaust on the left and right, " he said. Sweetening the legs, this annual 50 man chose Hartge rims 20 inch diameter Nouve with a width of 9.5 inches front and 20 inches in the rear. Model 2 pieces rim is wrapped Accelera Phi tires size 245/35ZR20 and 275/30ZR20. Temporary suspension, using a combination of Bilstein Sport sokbreker and per H & R also strutbar Alutec that the more stable handling. Steady!

Modification BMW E39 528i 1998

Well, no less exciting is the engine modification ya ! Not wanting to simply look, Tian Asen holding of workshops numbers Auto Gemilang in Antasari, South Jakarta, to make the car so much faster. By Asen, this machine belongs to M50 B30 intake installed, which is none other than the M3 intake American version.

"If lauched, ' shouts ' difference engine and also more energy out. Moreover exhaust system has been replaced by Eisenmann. Makin grim voice, " said Asen. Then Dastek Unichip Q + is also added, so that the engine more responsive. Because the machines are secure, the braking system was replaced by former BMW 540i that has a larger diameter.

Modification BMW E39 528i 1998

Log cabin, interior view typically use wood panels, specifically for the BMW -owned transportation entrepreneur is replaced by carbon panels. "In order to look more sporty, " he admits. Finally, the dash panel, doortrim panels, and center console panels were re-covered with carbon fiber. In addition, the steering wheel was also replaced with models 3 bars, a leather wrapped circumference.

A little sweetener when the streets and hanging out, Tian just replace the front speakers, Focal 4 channel power, and Punch subwoofer placed in the trunk. So, still looks minimalist and elegant. Cool.! *refrences : ( KYN & Bagja • Photos : KYN
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