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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Modification Camaro musclecar Wear 32 Inch Rims - Car Modification Camaro musclecar Wear 32 Inch Rims - Americas - Edan ! The words will be spoken by anyone who saw musclecar, Chevrolet Camaro this one. Not because the engine is tight, or look gahar style car in the movie Fast and Furious, but thanks to the eccentric figure.

Modification Camaro musclecar

Yup, in contrast to most of the modified Camaro SS as a race car or a street fighter, so by the workshop 's 813 Camaro Custom figure made eccentric and eye-catching.

Attractive impression instantly felt at the sight of nan shiny chrome -plated body, and measuring 32 inches peleknya !

The chrome -plated body coupled with a red pin accents and racing stripes on the hood and sides. While grille, panel lights, LED strip and custom made. Crazy again, roof and pillar B and C are cleared, so it 's like a car passing Camaro convertible with bright shades of red showing in the cabin.

Modification Camaro musclecar

Still less ? Straight into the cabin, and going to look at a dozen speaker audio system and two LCD TV's in the back of the driver, as well as in the rear seat panel has also been displaced by the speaker.

Oiya, although eccentric but engine capacity of 6.2 liter GM V8 Camaro SS congenital maintained. Because the power output of 426 hp, this car is still considered qualified.

Channel : ( Author: Ilham • Text Editor : Bagja • Photos : Carscoop

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