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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Modification Daihatsu Gran Max 1.3 D M/T 2009 - Modification Daihatsu Gran Max 1.3 D M/T 2009 - Indonesia - Robby Setiawan choose Daihatsu Gran Max 1.D 2009 because multifunctional production. In addition to functioning as a commercial car daily, so also in the club arena slang Gran Max Luxxio Indonesia ( Maxxio ). " A little dimodif though more confident, " said the self-employed in the automotive field.

Modification Daihatsu Gran Max 1.3 D M/T 2009

Gradual modification steps taken. " So it looks more leverage and seen better, " smiles the husband of Ena Kensiana. Robby recognized including easy modification. Because special accessory Gran Max is limited, so it could alternatively use Luxio kepunyaaan accessories and aftermarket products.

Surely chosen accessories that are functional, aesthetic and not appropriate excessive. Exterior region only added lip bumper with new fog lamp follows her home. More elegant, Luxio congenital mirror. Application of foot step aftermarket and universal roof rack adds a special holder made car functions.

Modification Daihatsu Gran Max 1.3 D M/T 2009

"If the city can bring out more stuff on top, so it's up to the cabin passengers, " said area resident Sunter, North Jakarta this. Other requirements specific aftermarket wing spoiler Gran Max and additional rear glass wiper washer along with her .

Most striking was the selection of a large diameter rim admittedly still comfortable ride wheel because space is quite accommodating. " Its Control baseball is much different, almost the same as the standard, only when braking more careful," explained the boss shop Jaya Motor 's motorcycle.

Peleknya alone EXE apply Pro 20 inch ring with a width of 7 inches in front and 9.5 inches in the rear. Labelan use Accelera Phi tires 225/35-R20 size and Nankang Ultra Sport NS - II 245/35-R20. Performance suspension still entrust factory default because you still want to maintain the standard of comfort.

Elegant cabin
Turning to the cabin area, elegantly subtle shades. Applying the middle seat aftermarket products, while the middle seat behind where the original move to the previous position to deal.

Then all covered in leather MBtech. Additional advantage of the center console box creations Maxxio club. Added convenience, the appliance AC double blower special brand of Trim Slim Gran Max is paired in the middle of the cabin. Enhanced sound quality go.

Starting from the head unit replacement model 2 din Pioneer AVH - 3450 DVD combined with 3-way speakers, mid bass and mid range Micro Audio R2 in the front cabin, complete with a stand at the pillar A.

Modification Daihatsu Gran Max 1.3 D M/T 2009

While in the cabin behind the rearmost pair of seats placed subwwofer 12 inch coaxial speakers Pioneer with JBL.

So is the power duet ampilifier VCA and Momentum monoblock 4 - channel packaged nicely in a box packaging by Air Audio booth of Pondok Gede, East Jakarta.

Settled already!

References: ( Author: Anto • Text Editor : Bagja • Photo : Anto
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