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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Modification Daihatsu Sirion, Fixed can be lauched - Modification Daihatsu Sirion, Fixed can be lauched - Indonesia - Is this car can go faster? Oh, of course! Because, when invited drove, because elevated body has been fitted with air suspension. And Hilman Bana, owner Daihatsu Sirion 2008, this modified to follow this extreme event "Daihatsu Sirion Dress Up Challenge" (DSDC) in Jakarta, some time ago.

Modification Daihatsu Sirion, Fixed can be lauched

She was interested in the modif race, he said, be nice if there was a contest of the brand. Already then, in addition to the prize money, "Roads to Japan witnessed Tokto Motor Show exhibition," said the young man of 25 years.

To fulfill his desire, three home modifications, ie QQ Autowork in Bogor, Alterpro (located adjacent to the QQ), and YM Autowheel involved to memermak hatchback. After consulting with Victor Thomas Martino, the owner of QQ Autowork, finally beralian elegant modification options.

Sirion body was inflated using 0.8 mm galvanized plate and fitted with a boy kit from fiberglass. Before you do, Thomas asked for a rim that will be used for delivery and is an Autowheel YM.

Modification Daihatsu Sirion, Fixed can be lauched

Finished body, the following touch interior. Franklin, Alterpro lining retainer seats, door trim, and dashboard with leather Edelweiss. As per the initial concept of elegant, digital printing it to back to the model of wood panels.

The body was too stretchy and rim width, responsibilities if the legs do not come to the touch. Ground clearance unloaded exhausted, "Because the body and the rim is cool," the proud Hilman Connection members. Despite superceper, Hilman still can drive Sirionnya thanks to the use of air suspension.

How the results of the contest? Two trophies disabetnya, the DSDC region champion both in Jakarta and Surabaya. Means, the target Hilman witnessed a car show in Tokyo accomplished.

refrences : (mobil.Otomotif.Net) Author: Hardy • Text Editor: Bastian • Photo: Hardy
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