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Monday, November 18, 2013

Modification Daihatsu Terios Adventure TX 2008, Optimizing Function - Modification Daihatsu Terios Adventure TX 2008, Optimizing Function - Indonesia - The beginning had a Daihatsu Terios Adventure TX 2008, Yudi Yudha Bakti direct Panigoro want adventure. Adventures in the jungle not intended, however, to a number of home modifications. " I just want to optimize the existing functionality, " Yudi smile, greeting familiar.

Modification Daihatsu Terios Adventure TX 2008

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The adventure begins from the legs, because he thinks this is where the challenge. Start rim circumference range of 17 inches to 20 inches 've ever tasted. Of a number of experiments that have tried it, ended up with a diameter of 17 inches wide and 7.5 inches selected because of ease of application.

Convenient area settlers version Serpong, Banten is the crossbar six models wrapped rim with Accelera tires 225/55-R17. Where per front replaced labelan chime Eibach rear sokbreker per standard and have BMW E46 with congenital Volvo shock absorbers.

Modification Daihatsu Terios Adventure TX 2008

In the area of the original color silver metallic body is deliberately not done because of the focus the next change in the fixed power source. Original engine cylinder bore coded 3SZ - VE 1,495 cc capacity has been ported polish.

In addition, offset by the performance of the computer module Dastek Tuning contributing this Terios increase the output power.

Supported JFC air filter, iridium spark plugs and volt stabilizer Pivot Raizin Spark brand. All changes in the engine, RS Tuning Yudi entrusted workshop in Bintaro, South Jakarta.

Well, her last in the exhaust system. Men who are active in the Community Rushter entrusted sport exhaust muffler Budi concoction 4-2-1 configuration.

As a result, power pop could reach 124.8 hp on- wheels after a testing dynotest, from the original which only 109 hp.

" Not bad, though more quickly nyampe to the office, " chortled the private employees. Admittedly acceleration lighter and most felt when the power boost in the run up to the top middle. "If there is a turbo kit or supercharged with daily sport spec, I want to wear, " said Yudi about plans for further changes.


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He graduated from the College of Tourism of Trisakti this pick because Terios has 3 - row seated and adequate cabin.

Although it has undergone significant changes in the engine and the legs are often changed, admittedly enough to make his family happy.

Modification Daihatsu Terios Adventure TX 2008

" The kids and the wife of baseball ever drove drunk after dimodif the legs and even the winding road ( if out of town, red ), even sleep soundly all, " proud father of this Yudha and Radi.

SUVs are also relied on for everyday activities supported sound quality improvement journey for added comfort.

Starting from Pioneer head unit replacement AVH3350 series, a pair of front speakers and two way ADS Coaxial rear speakers and power amplifiers Venom Performance Diablo 4 - channel. " Add a silencer full from front to back, " lid Yudi.

May as well !

References : ( Author: Anto • Text Editor : Bagja • Photo : Anto
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