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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Modifications BMW 320i 2010, It Only Looks Fast - Car Modifications BMW 320i 2010, It Only Looks Fast - Not only his looks tight, energy sources must also be addressed. Although still equipped with a standard engine, but so peek behind the bumper, why no intercooler? " Now more than Zage TD04 turbo with 0.5 bar boost, because it is still used for day-to- day, " said Mario, tuner of MF'SpeedWorks workshop on Jl. 15 Hamlet West Kupang, Surabaya.

Modifications BMW 320i 2010

As a result, once the turbo needs a steady supply of excess air, K & N air filter also replaces the original. However, the position of intruding water filter so vulnerable because it is located behind the front bumper, right side. " Because baseball is no place else to put the air filter, the engine room is too narrow, " said Mario again.

Not to mention, the flow of air must be cooled intercooler that could make AUTOMOTIVE Autobahn was curious. Oh yes, all of the pipes must be contrived re- use of materials with a 60 mm diameter stainless steel header and down pipe custom concoction Mario. Facilitate the flow of exhaust gas, the exhaust also remade with 2.5 inch pipe with the concept of free flow.

Modifications BMW 320i 2010

Well, most complicated machine precisely when set mapping. Original ECU certainly can no longer be used. Finally, ECU output My Genius is believed to regulate the overall engine performance. " Mapping it must be made specifically for the internal parts of the machine baseball is no change, either compression or the other, " continued the man was friendly. *Reference : ( Rio, Agin & Bagja • Photos : Agin
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