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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Modifications BMW 523i 2008, More Sporty from New Generation! - Car Modifications BMW 523i 2008, More Sporty from New Generation - BMW 5 series with body code E60 is still quite a lot of fans to this day. The interface looks more sporty than the latest generation F10. So is the opinion of Sebastian, the owner of the original BMW 523i is silver colored, about why he did not want to sell his car.

Modifications BMW 523i 2008

"Honey, let me add just modified mending suit my style, " he reasoned. As a result, it has since new sedan is even more sporty look.

Starting From Rims

Initially just replace the rim only, but also for long transmissivity. Upon their return from Beijing college. His intention was to modify the stronger this German sedan. " From the rim, dressing up body kit on Inspire. After picky, finally the most appropriate weve M5 models!, " Said the man was friendly.

For rims, Sebastian chose BC HB29 Forged Model 10 bolt with a diameter of 20 inches wide and 10.5 inches 9. " Special Order color of gun metal, " proud. To wear the tires 245/35R20 and 275/30R20 Toyo C1S. To be more flat, was replaced with the coilover suspension from BC Forged as well.
Well, so work on the exterior, he also added a custom add -on lip for front, rear, and sides. " Special add -on to carbon -coated side skirts though more cool, " said the man is 27 years old.

Modifications BMW 523i 2008

Besides the body kit, he also replaced the front fender with M5 models are already fitted M5 fender fin style. " The material of fiber as well, " said Sebastian again. Later in the trunk custom fitted and custom ducktail spoiler on the roof above the rear glass. Both are also coated with carbon. To be made as luggage trunk M5.

" There is a cover on the rear license plate area, if the default is not there, " he said. Then gril ' kidney ' typical BMW in front replaced with a matte black color in order to eliminate the impression that fancy chrome. Step cover, the entire body is covered with triple white color balloon stickers from Oracal.

Abysmal, 6 -cylinder engine is ' just ' a capacity of 2,300 cc, slightly modified so as not Bolot. AFE Power Air Filter, Sprint Booster, and Valvetronic mufflers Australian Varex pendogkrak power of choice. " Although not significant, but the middling ones," said club member 's number 20 car Excite.

Lockdown increasingly frightening appearance while enhancing the safety element, brake device is replaced with ATS big brake 380 mm 2 to 6 pod type front, and 355 mm 4 pod type 2 for the rear. Moreover, the capacity of the machine is the greater. " Now, let me again but more confident speeding his brakes, " said the man who lived in the BSD region.

Modifications BMW 523i 2008

Play Audio

For the interior, Sebastian just put pedal sets and carpets from Hamann. Serious is the audio sector. CDA9887 single CD headunit Alpine and Alpine PXA H800 processor and RUX C800 chosen as a replacement for the standard headunit. Sebastian chose to voice 3way speakers Focal 165 KRX3, Focal Performance 12 -inch subwoofer, 2 power Mosconi 4 channel, and 1 monoblock power Focal FPP 1100. Perkabelannya system using RCA synergestic HDAV, " Setting SQL, all pairs in Prisma Autosound, " he said. *Reference : KYN & Bagja (  • Photos : KYN
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