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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Modified BMW 1M 2012, Do not want to Standards

Modified BMW 1M 2012, Do not want to Standards - Full racing the Sentul circuit, the owner of the BMW 1M (name not to be named, red) are reluctant to display his coupe, just standard. Moreover, the weapons factory in Germany, the class M is definitely more violent than usual series 1. In fact, for a small coupe, 1M has the capacity of 340 horsepower 6 -cylinder engine with dual turbochargers, plus 450 Nm of torque boost. So, what I want to pursue?

Modified BMW 1M 2012


Surely the sensation when a series of 1 shot will be its own adrenaline. Moreover, the owner who also has a built - up motorcycle outlets in Bogor has kesibukkan segambreng and must commute Jakarta - Bogor. No nonsense, AUTOMOTIVE 1M has ever rode was doing social service with Moci (M Owners Club Indonesia) to Serang, Banten some time ago very satisfied by sticking to the seat body a boost, when the gas pedal is pressed.

Class M clearly has its own caste other than BMW. However, had the top series in the M3 or M5 or M6 again as, obviously going to get a performance sedan racing style. However, the challenge is how to have a little coupe can accelerate from savage style but the other brother.

Modified BMW 1M 2012

Especially as meet characters who always wanted nimble driver. Certainly, the original engine so sorely lacking. Browsing and consultation results, the chosen set of upgraded power Revozport alerts. Starting from the fuel inlet to the exhaust duct.

Certainly, two package air filter model of open water so the first option to maximize suction of air into the combustion chamber. Maximization increasingly dense air supply, because the intercooler is also replaced.

Thermal efficiency of the air so full team of technicians Revozport concern when designing. Has a thickness of 3 inches, it has the ability gambot intercooler to cool the intake air into the engine to 750 hp. Yummy, though has much larger dimensions but the installation process is fairly easy because it made bolt -on aka stay put. It still added an engine oil cooler that is always optimal engine performance.

Once improved air supply, exhaust turn matters to the next. Starting from the downpipe to the rear muffler, Revozport still dominate. Downpipe from 304 stainless steel pipe high quality, Raze has a claim could increase the power up to 12 hp, only from this device.

His successor, cat back exhaust system made from titanium with a weight of only 7 kg of the 24 kg of the original pipe! Do not be lulled by the sound, smooth rumble, but the gas pedal is so jarring. Especially when the pedal is released again, blow off HKS makes an intimidating hiss interesting.

Finished installation of hardware, software turn touch. However, when the air supply is changed, the machine definitely need a separate adjustment to maintain performance. Raze must have been prepared and Standback tuning ECU and wiring harness. Stay plug n play.

But, it's a new pair. This fine- tuning must be done in Indonesia. The result, so get owned dynometer Speed Sigma workshop, Salah Yusuf, noting the amount of power the tuner end 450 hp with 648 Nm of torque. That is, up 110 hp!

No wonder, just press the pedal a bit, guaranteed baseball agency will be separated from the seat. Voyeur specification data, this concoction makes 1M has equivalent capabilities brother, the M3 has a V8 engine configuration.

Oh yeah, this result without pressing the M button on the steering wheel loh. As a result, the rear body is still hard to move wildly. Once the feature is active M, do not ever try on a wet road. I could continue but do not twist the straight path. Ease, because the seat has been changed belongs Recaro bucket models, body AUTOMOTIVE still safe without having to slide the excess when sliding in Sentul parking area.

Modified BMW 1M 2012

Want to follow the style of adrenaline chasing tiny coupe?

Although the machines are certainly more violent, but the owner was negligent replace other supporting components. Gush of experience in circuit racing sedan, certainly do not miss all sokbreker also transformed.

This time, the brand KW Clubsport Suspension hide behind the fender. Indeed, Michelin Pilot Sport tires still wear their original size following 245/35Z-R19 rim. But, who wants more to improved handling.

So, sokbreker 3 - way system was chosen because it has 3 options parameter, either from the rebound, damping atapun height. The goal, like looking for maximum traction on the highway, but still qualified if you want to try a track day at the circuit.

Modified BMW 1M 2012

Even so the rate freeze. Memory when racing, brakes must be the most important concern. The closer the braking point, certainly more effective when surrounding the track. Moreover, the engine power is getting crazy.

Modified BMW 1M 2012, Do not want to Standards
This time the set of alerts Brembo brake 380 mm diameter embedded behind the wheel. With 6 pistons for the front wheels and 4 piston in the rear, certainly more confident that suddenly had to stop suddenly.
Steady! *referensi : ( Rio & Bagja • Photo : NB
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