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Monday, November 4, 2013

Modified BMW 3 Series E36 1995, M3 Duo Four-doors

Modification BMW 3 Series E36 1995, M3 Duo Four-doors - For Asen and Abhimanyu Kameshwara, the performance of both the BMW 3 series E36 1995 theirs was pathetic. Moreover, the car 's 17-year -old would have been much reduced performance that needs to be revived to back frightening. However, the steps taken are both pretty awful, they chose his BMW BMW M3 transformed into a pair of four - doors that the performance is much more frightening!

Modified BMW 3 Series E36 1995

"The responsibility was the one that was just down the engine, dioprek - oprek again so much faster, most just ride what HP does," said Abi is asked as a 'cooker' of the birth of the car 2. Moreover, he had a heavy foot renowned artisan aka speeding.

Modified BMW 3 Series E36 1995

In overhauling his mount, Abi not want half measures. " Actually this is the second time I modif like this, so this time made more all- out, " he said.

Armed with experience in previous E36, a man who works as a lawyer it is intended to make the white sedan look more frightening. Eventually he bought 1 unit of the BMW M3 engine output in '96 - '97, spec 6 cylinder capacity of 3000 cc which has a 5-speed manual transmission.

Modified BMW 3 Series E36 1995

Abi modification process entrusting his car in the garage in the Auto Bright Prince Antasari, South Jakarta. "Because of his basic like E36 usual, the issue is not a problem the engine room. The problem is the mounting - mounting the engine," said Asen, Auto boss Gemilang.

So installation should change the engine mounting. "Marquetry gearbox also replaced the default M3, because it is definitely different," said Asen.

After the engine and transmission installed, turn rear axle, axles, wheel hub and rear arm joined altered. "Gardannya is LSD ( Limited Slip Differential )," said Asen. Once all are installed neatly, turn rate freeze started.

"I choose disc brakes AP Racing Big Brake 6 pods, rear brakes if the default standard M3 is enough, " said Abi. Finally, the engine was tested on, bruuummm! Frightening sound typical of a BMW M3 ANSA exhaust system too is increasingly making anyone heard heart pounding.

Not only that, the exterior appearance did not escape his attention. Body Kits M - Tech body kit combined Flossman M3 GTR M3 increasingly resemble naturally occurring stunted. " Body kit nyarinya Flossman hard enough, but eventually can also, original too, " proud man who lived in this Bintaro.

Inevitably, appearance became widened tub skirt because her overfender. Outsmart, Asen add the spacer is thick enough before BBS CH - R rims can be installed. " Forget the spacer width how millimeter, " he said.

Though peleknya diameter of 19 inches with a width of 9.5 inches front and 10.5 inches rear. While Accelera tire size 235/35-R19 ( front ) and 265/30-R19 ( rear ). KW coilover suspension for using Suspension. The result, besides his stance is more okay, the car also looks increasingly muscular and frightening.

In addition, Abi was installing trunk spoiler alert M - Tech, M - Tech body list, and the original BMW M3 mirrors that had plagued the mid- '90s. Absurdly wet, the interior was transformed to be more like the M3, from M3 Evo seat, speedometer congenital M3, gear lever, steering wheel and original M3 OBC. " The less only rollbar aja ya, the M3 looks like, " said the portly man with a wry smile.

Modified BMW 3 Series E36 1995

Another Abi, others also Asen style. BMW M3 hunk default engine capacity of 3,200 cc 6 -cylinder with 6-speed manual transmission was asked to fill the engine room. "I did not want this car was alive, but eventually it could be," said Asen.

Not quite satisfied with its performance, Dastek Unichip Q + was fitted by applying the default M3 exhaust system is modified to make it more responsive.

The result at the time in - dyno could reach 340 hp. As well as Abi, very important safety element. Braking system had to be upgraded brake discs alerts ATE Racing 4 pods, while the rear brakes remain standard with the BMW M3.

As with Abi, Asen also put strutbar front and rear, the bumper was also using the same M - Tech, M3 mirrors, and then list the full M - Tech body.

For the interior, sporty car Asen more impressed because there are some carbon -coated panels, such as the console to the gear lever, the panel above the glove box and door handle inside. The seats were made ex M3 Evo, but stir -made E36 Limited Edition.

Modified BMW 3 Series E36 1995

While the rim, Asen choose BBS CH 19 inch diameter, but the width is more ' polite ', 9 inches. While integrating Achilles tires 225/35-R19 ( front ) and 235/35-R19 ( rear ) with Bilstein PSS9 coilover.

Modified BMW 3 Series E36 1995, M3 Duo Four-doors
Amazingly both cars are often caught adrenaline. In fact, Abi use in official races in Sentul circuit some time ago. *references : ( KYN & Bagja • Photos : KYN
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