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Monday, November 4, 2013

Modified BMW E36 320i, 1996, After Waking from Sleep

Modified BMW E36 320i, 1996, After Waking from Sleep - Starting from the guilt felt by Irfan Taufik Fauzi, because already abandoned this lawasnya BMW 320i in the garage. According to the man who was familiarly called this Jifan, besutannya it was not maintained long enough because his work is super solid. Finally dawned intention to wake made it his favorite of his so far.

Modified BMW E36 320i, 1996

Feeling pity to sell it, Jifan was determined to change in such a way it made in 1996. " I decided to modify the specifications of drifting, because it changes with time drifting concept is very rampant in Indonesia, " said businessman tire shop in Bandung, West Java this.

However, to realize the intention, Jifan bit hesitant with congenital M52B20 engine is E36 320i series. Although the kitchen runway performance 2,000 cc still capable of spewing power up at least 148 hp at 5,900 rpm, but the intention is only one, " Want to build a BMW 3 series which has enormous power, " said the excited futsal enthusiasts.

Modified BMW E36 320i, 1996
That 's why, he then took the basic 2JZ - GTE engine, which is used in the Toyota Aristo and Supra, to replace the default engine is E36 lawasnya.

Given the 2JZ - GTE sequential twin turbochargers was financed by the water system to the water side-mounted intercooler, then to fish super big power easy to do. In addition, the turbine CT12B luggage allows for the exchange at the propeller shaft on the exhaust side custom version.

Obsession creates powerful car drifting not stop there. Turbo Garrett GT35 turbine displaces the default, which is combined with intercooler Autobahn 88.

Continued revisions to the innards of the machine by replacing the default with the product Wiseco piston, followed by adjustment of the duration of the camshaft which is considered still quite capable.

Modified BMW E36 320i, 1996

Injector which actually has the ability to spray up to 550 cc per minute, also relied on the Power Enterprise upgraded capacity of 1,050 cc per minute, and the use of offset Racepak Haltec custom fuel rail. Replacement of some components of the system with this aftermarket, entirely governed by Haltech PS2000 in order to get the maximum results.

Modified BMW E36 320i, 1996, After Waking from Sleep
Had tested on the engine dyno test to prove the superiority of strength. Results are inscribed, the maximum power can penetrate up to 1,000 hp, with 2 bar boost setting.

Outstanding results after waking from sleep.
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