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Monday, November 4, 2013

Modified BMW E90 320i 2012, Win 16 Cup Success

Modified BMW E90 320i 2012, Win 16 Cup Success - Modifying baseball should be brought to the workshop. So is the idea of applying for to made pet. So the concept is your mind can be removed at will. But, the most important is beauty in modifying still pleasing to the eye.

Modified BMW E90 320i 2012

As did Albert Chow, in the BMW E90 320i recently ditebusnya this. The man who lived in the area Jelambar, West Jakarta issued uneknya guts to be submitted to besutannya without modifier.

"From the beginning has been a hobby modif to 4 times instead of cars and BMW is the last. All work on his own cars and often champions. If E90 is already won about 16 trophies, " said Bert Chow, her nickname. Whew!

So curious ya, like what the detail of the ride in 2012? If noted, the modification is quite simple minimalist nan. So, do not make considered boring.

From its umpteenth car, BMW is always a change after the contest. Because men are also opening a business in the field of carbon pengin be best of the best in each contest. " Let not vain, " for short.

Starting from the exterior. Of the original factory default white steeds. However, Bert Chow, cover it with a sticker or doff mett blue sticker style combined circuit Nurburgring, Germany.

" The style of cutting following the original car was made, " said the man who opened the business in the area of Bridge Street, West Jakarta. While the front bumper, rear, side skirt, splitter combined diffiuser and elemental carbon.

Modified BMW E90 320i 2012

The legs is coordinated with BC Forged rim size of 20 inches. For the next 9 inches wide and 10 inches rear. While tire wear Accelerra 235/55-R20 ( front ) and 255/30-R20 ( rear ).

Because it is still used daily, shock absorbers adopt BC Racing V1 Adjustable coilover, both in front and behind. While supporting the brake, 6 piston caliper mounted below the BMW Performance slang.

Looked engine compartment, looks standard, just look on the open air filter and Simota Carbon Kevlar exhaust Eisenmann Racing.

" The interior of the BMW E90 baseball is change the original alias. Because the appearance of the cabin is still pleasing to the eye and the full version following Black Dakota Leather steering wheel, "he added.

Modified BMW E90 320i 2012

Not only that, open the rear trunk has changed function. Seen a number of audio devices range speaker system to add support in the audio sector system. Audioquart two 12 -inch subwoofers, coaxial speakers Pioneer 4 sets, 2 sets of 4 channel power amplifier and 1 set of Pioneer Pro Kick 4000 monoblock power.

17th- awaited trophy.
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Modified BMW E90 320i 2012, Win 16 Cup Success
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