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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Modified Chevrolet Blazer 1976, Elephant Monster Resurecction - Car Modification Chevrolet Blazer 1976 Elephant Monster Resurecction - Just come out once a year, action on Otobursa Tumplekblek car roller 2011 and become the ultimate action AUTOMOTIVE beloved mascot. However, the response of the reader and enter berjibun relationship, it was not like the Elephant Monster pet just dormant. Most argue, what else would be a magnet when visitors come to the Monster Otobursa no.

Modified Chevrolet Blazer 1976

" As a result, in order to satisfy the reader 's favorite, Elephant Monster be reinstated, " said Mohamad Arief Adrijanto, Editor in Chief AUTOMOTIVE. Since its inception, Elephant based this 1976 Chevrolet Blazer, inevitably already include sufficient age.

Starting from the name of the White Elephant, Elephant Red Elephant Monster until finally finished, after a massive restoration in 2008. Original body began stripped away, leaving little switch with the original chassis combined tubular pipe.

As a result, short project done right, of course with the help of some relatives and workshops. If you previously used Chevrolet Blazer body, this time a variety of designs so inspiring. Front lamp design is taken from the New Toyota Hilux, while the hood and fender inspired from the Toyota Tundra Baja Off -road version.

Modified Chevrolet Blazer 1976

" The whole body is made of fiber material thickness of 5 mm WR200 so lightly, " said Arif Supriyono, skipper SF ( Supri Fiber ) on Jl. Masjid Al Barkah No.9B, Tangerang. Overall, there are 5 separate body parts, ranging from the hood, roof, body left and right, as well as the tailgate spoiler wing that is now decorated. Still rely on Tundra rear body.

Well, remember earlier Elephant frequently problematic in the legs. As a result of this section which will be a major concern. Suspension King coilover shock suspension with long travel is still attached, this time to switch the type of tire.

Super Swamper TSL bogger 44 inches which is always a mainstay must switch Super Swamper Irok 39.5 inches dimension, which wrap around the iron rim Modular 15 -inch models. The life of the tire is too old so the main consideration, given the 44 -inch tires have been used since the beginning of the Elephant appeared in Monster roller attraction car in 1993.

For the sake of maximizing suspension, Hobbies Workshop on Jl. Animal Marga Raya 15, Jakarta Selatan acting. " Original chassis and tubular not left unharmed, only enhanced suspension geometry. Goal is that when jumping or landing, the legs are still safe, " said Fiddoh Muhammad, the skipper workshop this off-road specialist.

Well, after investigation, it turns out the front and rear axle can no longer count on from the first version of the Jeep Gladiator J20. Now, with such a switch belongs to the Toyota Land Cruiser VX 80 series fully reinforced. " You see, this axle the axle width, and delish if you have to replace the spare part is easy, " continued Fiddoh again. Although the width, that would still be about 7.5 cm shorter than its predecessor.

This axle gear armed final 10:41 for the machine is not too blaring, because the tire is smaller than before. Moreover, every time the axle is broken already rebranded the famous Longfield Super Axles withstand overload.

This replacement, inevitably make coupling must also be replaced. Position TH350 automatic gearbox used in the middle, while the rear axle position more to the right. As a result, should be made with the new joint cross coupling is also from Toyota.

Pengin know what AUTOMOTIVE Monster Elephants are already experiencing this change ? Do not miss the action on the mat roller Otobursa Tumplekblek car in 2012 ( 12-13/5 )!

Modified Chevrolet Blazer 1976

Machinery & Brakes
Engine still believed homemade big-block Chevrolet V8 marine version. As a result, the roar of engines is not as high as the variant version of the highway, just be guaranteed has tremendous torque to crush a car. AUTOMOTIVE drivers are so, just look around at 4,000 rpm indicator just before the elephant jump. Were not able to measure the amount of power and torque, because there is no dynometer anywhere that could swallow the Monster greatness.

Well, delish axle VX, is equipped with disc brakes to stop the pace of the Monster. " Wear VX version has small calipers, so the same with Mitsubishi Prado belongs, " said Fiddoh. Back again, AUTOMOTIVE has the advantage with spare parts that are easier to find. It's nothing, do not aim Elephant mob turned on in order to satisfy the reader as well.

Channel : ( Author: Rio • Text Editor : Bagja • Photo : Reza

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