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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Modified Chevrolet Colorado 2012, One To Tighten - Modified Chevrolet Colorado 2012, One To Tighten - If the infant had congenital hooked speeding, especially in circuits. This car for daily use even more comfortable if I could be invited toned. Hence, fitting Wilson Wijaya, a businessman and racer touring is smitten with the Chevrolet Colorado, the first thought in his mind that there was not much of an upgrade the machine.

Modified Chevrolet Colorado 2012

Though on paper, double cabin pickup is not exactly slow. Capitalized 2,500 cc turbo diesel engine with common-rail supply. " Default from the factory is already in -boost 1.5 bar, " Wilson said firmly. But the concoction is not considered sufficient.

Reason for the upgrade is actually trivial. Because the output Colorado 2012 has been used 17 inch rims and tires 265/70-R17 Achilles Desert Hawk inch large dimensions.

Not to mention the additional weight of accessories such as bed liners (pedestal tub) as additional Carryboy canopy cover and tailgate. "If the total, increased car weighs about 100 pounds, " said the rider OMR Honda Jazz.

Luckily Theodore Rev Suryajaya of Engineering has the perfect solution. Especially if it was not fitting piggyback ECU output labeled Monster Max - Shop and its furnishings lenongnya.

Installation did not take long. Let me easily monitored, Teddy pair APEX - i AVCR boost controller along with Pivot Mega Raizin. With the use of regular diesel, maximum power jumped dramatically.

Dyno test results were quite encouraging. Standard power capable of spurts are pegged only limited power 170.7 hp with a maximum torque of 358.5 Nm at 3,000 rpm is now increased.

Teddy menajajal 2 kinds of settings. The first is the engine that is mounted piggyback Monster Max but still a standard 1.5 bar boost. Results achieved a peak power 240.7 hp at 4,000 rpm. While the maximum torque of 472.6 Nm is generated at 3,500 rpm.

Modified Chevrolet Colorado 2012

Increased power by 70 hp, the very pronounced difference for the daily drive applications. However, it is still not finished. Teddy had a second machine settings by adding the turbo pressure to 1.8 bar.

When tested running a few times in the dyno bench Dastek output, seen an increase of about 7 dk again, so the maximum power to be 247.5 hp at 3,500 rpm. Maximum torque also increased to 508.8 Nm at 3,000 rpm rotation.

Unlock Clutch

Colorado born equipped with safety equipment called clutch lock. At the time of the engine, gearbox in neutral gear position and do not step on the clutch pedal, the engine speed limited to 2,000 rpm locked when full throttle on the gas pedal.

Teddy had to by pass the clutch cable with a cable lock kit congenital Monster Max. Unlock labeled Clutch cable, Teddy mem - bypass clutch lock cable connector located near the brake booster.

Once installed, clutch lock cash not work. Car owners can freely menggeber gas to peak rpm (full throttle) even stepped on the clutch pedal or not. Like the old car is not equipped with a safety.

Reference : ( Author: Kl : X • Text Editor : Bagja • Photos : Kelix
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