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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Modified Chevrolet Cruze Upscale, Brown Outside In - Modified Cars Chevrolet Cruze Upscale, Brown Outside In - USA - The figure is identical to the Chevrolet Cruze touring car racing, and the sedan is stiff and difficult to modify. Even so, with a masculine figure, the Cruze may look more stylish with minimal changes.

Modified Chevrolet Cruze Upscale

This is evident from the Chevrolet Cruze Upscale nicknamed modifications produced by their manufacturer GM. Ubahannya focuses on changes in the external appearance and minimalist.

Applications such as dressing Burnished Brandy brown color that blends nicely with colored rims Black Ice. Not only that. In accordance with the name Upscale, front fascia Cruze Cruze body experience on the widening body fenders with additional oval fog lights on the bottom.

Sector of the legs, Chevrolet added a custom 19 -inch rims with coilover suspension components are more flat. And the installation of four- piston brake calipers at the front and two- piston brake calipers at the rear.

Looked the cabin, leather seats DK shades of brown Loft Atmosphere escort in accordance with consistent outside view Cruze Upscale.

References : ( Author : Eva, Ilham • Text Editor : Bagja • Photos : Chevrolet
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