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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Modified Daihatsu Charade G100 Winner 1994, Champion Drag Race - Modified Daihatsu Charade G100 Winner 1994, Champion Drag Race - Look back at the history of fast cars modification in the homeland in the late 99's, when a drag race exactly booming among speedgoers, naturally selected variants favorite kinds Estilo Honda, Toyota Starlet EP or Mazda 323 Astina.

Modified Daihatsu Charade G100 Winner 1994, Champion Drag Race

Everything is kind of a medium-sized hatchback is equipped with various racing parts mancanegera. However, there are many who glance Daihatsu Charade G100 Winner. Only a handful were willing mengoprek speedgoers Winner for gacoan drag race.

Some twelve years later, in March 2012 yesterday, Krishna Renanda just smitten with this G100 Charade. "At first it never occurred at all to build into a standard Winner GTti Aura G100 turbo version," said Krishna.

What may make, unstoppable desire again after exploring the virtual world and discover a myriad of images Aura GTti external version that make you drool. "I got to go to the junk yard in Malaysia was so curious about the half-cut GTti turbo version," he recalled.

If the intention was only smoothed Winner berkelir metallic maroon to wara-Wiri daily, the concept was a little deviated from the original plan. "I was so smitten with the model G100 Aura GTti, the buying process through to delivery I take care of myself until arriving to the country," he whispered.

The struggle to bring 3-cylinder 1,000 cc engine with 12-valves and turbocharger that takes time, effort and money into this project led to a serious car. "If you have this should not be half-hearted," the spirit KrizKroz, close calls Krishna.

Factory standard car is clean and is suitable to be used instead sent to the New Face Paint Factory in the number of Middle Reef, South Jakarta to be repainted. Scrape the total body and labur red solid (Granada Red) blush. Not yet satisfied, Honda Estilo roof built-up version that was equipped with a sunroof fitted to Winny Merry, calls his dear red Winner.

Modified Daihatsu Charade G100 Winner 1994, Champion Drag Race

JDM Accessories

Not only repainting, replacement rubbers and door glass, rear lights and garnish, headlamp, spoiler lip and grille until all perintilan GTti Aura was done to perfection. "Even knacks interior was replaced ditentengnya Malaysia's own version," said Freddy, skipper New Face directly involved this project.

Modified Daihatsu Charade G100 Winner 1994, Champion Drag Race

Starting from the center console, cluster speedometer mounted version of the Aura G100 replaces the local version of the dashboard trinkets. Not to forget a pair of electric Recaro seats with headrest mounted models strings accompany three-spoke steering wheel Recaro made exclusively by Momo.

"Now stay beresin legs, feet slightly different construction given to the local version," said Freddy again. Includes unique strut bar snaking, joined as an amplifier mounted front suspension. Amplifier was as a partner four 15-inch rims and tires Tomei Toyo Proxes T1.

References : ( Author: Cl: X • Text Editor: Bagja • Photos: Kelix
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