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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Modified Daihatsu GranMax D 2011, Overhauled for Children - Modified Daihatsu GranMax D 2011, Overhauled for Children - Make the baby happy, the parents are willing to do whatever is best for him. Including the need to overhaul the car is a mainstay of the family. That is what the Holy Ronggo Lukmanto on 2011 Daihatsu D GranMax his manual transmission.

Modified Daihatsu GranMax D 2011

Meet that need, Rangga, her nickname in GranMax Luxio Club Indonesia (MAXXIO), applying the concept version of Toyota Alphard home modifications Wald.

Changes focused on the use of body kits and wide body game. But not as easy to implement imaginable. "Gril just replace the model three times, to finally see the match," he explained.

Body is already stretched less fun if the legs are not modified. When trying a rim size of 15 inches (standard GranMax 13 inches), I still look cingkrang.

It was decided to use 19 inch rims brand SSW Stamford. Not change the alias fixed PCD 5x114, 3. But should wear striped tire size. Home-made GT Radial HPY Champiro 225/35/ZR19, 235/35ZR19 rear.

If you use the same spec tire, the front would be too out of the body. Another risk, the front tires will be stuck in the fender wall.

Modified Daihatsu GranMax D 2011

"During this safe. Foremost alert if there are potholes. Also set braking distance, not too close. Due to the use of larger wheels, more braking distance is reduced automatically," said resident Ciracas, East Jakarta this.

Chimed big rims, Rangga use as front-owned Suzuki APV because it feels softer. Rear relied per Mercy Tiger. Ever taken when the National Jamboree to Jogja, handling remains good.

The child, Lukman Oziel Adiputra increasingly feel comfortable when asked to go, thanks to the use of materials on the seat semikulit. Plus, an additional arm rest in the middle seat. Likewise when paired moonroof Camry Hybrid Q, so Oziel and his mother could see the scenery outside when traveling at night.

Her son also becoming like a car that is often used in time this weekend. "Dad .. dad .. dad car where?" Rangga said quoting her if his favorite car loan.


Modified Daihatsu GranMax D 2011

Spoiling children also attended the installation of the audio system. Rangga replace the double-DIN head unit with Pioneer AVH 1450 brands. "This type of head unit is widely used in MAXXIO my friends," he explained. Touch screen also displays the current rear parking area for Rangga put the camera back.

Supported audio system speakers JBL GT-6 split in the front and back of the JBL GT. Zeus subwoofer HIFONICS 12 "plus support Monoblock power amps Rockford Fosgate bd1000 4-channel and capacitor bank 1,000,000 XTR PC Power Cap.

Rangga was still there for her homework, which is installing monitors in headrests. Because his wife also protested that plug the monitor in the ceiling to see him lift his head.

References : (  Author: Fend • Text Editor: Bagja • Photos: Salim
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