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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Modified Daihatsu Luxio 2012, Inspired Music Jazz - Modified Daihatsu Luxio 2012, Inspired Music Jazz - Have unusual thoughts, sometimes it raises something different. Such as conducted by a team of R & D, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor ( ADM ) when you want to bring a city car from the Daihatsu Luxio. " We chose to be a city car Luxio. However must be with some notes, so the comfort of one of them, " said Frida Eka Aprilia, the color selector when explaining about Luxio Quartett Styling blends the ADM team.

Modified Daihatsu Luxio 2012, Inspired Music Jazz

The convenience of the present Luxio because passenger numbers declined drastically. Previous 7 passengers now only 4. This is called the ADM -style comfort. Then translated again about comfort. " More to cool. Something cool, comfortable. Then we translate it to music. Jazz finished piece of music that makes people comfortable, " said the dropout S1 Product Design. And because in jazz, if his name totaling 4 Quartett ( double T ), then it 's Luxio named Quartett.

Modified Daihatsu Luxio 2012, Inspired Music Jazz

The element of convenience also try emitted through color. Car body whitewash white natural pearl. According to Frida, this color is used because if exposed to casting a bluish tint. In addition to an impressive comfortable, also to highlight the details in the body of the X -type Luxio.
Still based on the flow of jazz music, one instrument there is always the piano. " Because it was the top of whitewash paint the car black. By combined under the white color so as keys on a piano, " added Mark Widjaja head Luxio Quartett this project.

Modified Daihatsu Luxio 2012, Inspired Music Jazz

Not only the exterior, the interior was covered in comfort. Seen from j

ok that was different than the default. Very comfortable when in the front seat. More extreme in the back seat. Two rows of seats standard, replaced with 2 seats to fill extra- sized rear cabin. Sliding it made so far. Then pinned between the seat cooler box.
In addition, the LED tuck ceiling then covered with orange -colored mica. " The cabin was so not too dark, but also not too bright. Orange have been able to make occupants comfortable, " said Mark again.

Meanwhile, the team also pinned some characteristic of Indonesia, one dagger. The surface of the pointy dagger used as a benchmark one modification to the body. Precisely at the additional body made of fiberglass. So the car look more textured.

References : ( Author : Toncil • Text Editor : Bagja • Photo : Reza
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