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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Modified Daihatsu Taft F50 1984 Classic Shown To Lower Homecoming

11:38 PM - Modified Daihatsu Taft F50 1984 Classic Shown To Lower Homecoming - The practicality and reliability of Daihatsu Taft made Alexander smitten. " Finally I was looking for a car. Can the 1984, and even then has included expensive. Foremost body is still good, " said the 53-year -old man.

Modified Daihatsu Taft F50 1984

Once obtained, slowly addressed. The first job, a healthy engine installed. According to Alex, as usually called, obtained when the machine is alive, but in order to remain comfortable to wear activity, all rejuvenated.

Healthy machine, the next step on to claim the body. Initial paint has begun to dull rejuvenated. That so does not look too worn and old. However, the color is made as standard as possible. The combination of old and dark.

Modified Daihatsu Taft F50 1984

Jobs in the body quite long, because in some parts of rust already been eaten.

Subsequently stepping into the cabin. This is the main focus. " We're a lot more inside, so it must be made good, " said the man was friendly. Display still remains the standard, only seats are repacked. Both for the front and rear. As a result, when the seat is more comfortable.

Not forgotten knick knacks display support. When AUTOMOTIVE been to a workshop in the area Sindang Sirna, Bandung. Alex just pair the ' bra ' on the hood. Own concoction. Understandably, he was a craftsman cabin of various brands of vehicles, especially Europe.

Now, look more classic look to wear to and fro, with a body sticker attached. Although not the original, but able raises a different impression.

Refrences ( Author : Toncil • Text Editor : Bagja • Photo : Reza
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