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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Modified Daihatsu Terios TX 2007, this real 4x4! - Modified Daihatsu Terios TX 2007, this real 4x4! - Real, the Daihatsu Terios four-wheel, aka 4x4 tablets. Do not believe ? Please read the persistence and patience Taufiq Nugroho who managed to turn his own Terios 4WD ( 4 Wheel Drive ) this.

Modified Daihatsu Terios TX 2007, this real 4x4!

Beginning, the idea of the man from Jogjakarta to modify the output Terios 2007 she has been employed for a long time. " The idea has been around since the SUV appeared in Indonesia. I think the wife is suitable for smokers than take cars big, "said Taufiq.

Plus the man 's curiosity mechanical engineering graduate this ITB, why baseball Terios in Indonesia issued its 4WD version.

Finally, the 4WD enthusiast men began to wonder through the mailing list. But the result is zero. Then had asked friends jeep expert, even practically difficult.

Because the body and chassis that do not support. Based on his quest, his intention was ngedrop and obscure dreams, plus busy work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Modified Daihatsu Terios TX 2007, this real 4x4!

In fact, it had realized his intention, he gets front axle Daihatsu Taruna, but after a long process of negotiation with the seller in Malaysia and difficulties through customs, it turns out that the components can not be installed. " Though quite expensive, " he complained.

Luckily there is an offer of colleagues who are also importers of components. A set of axle, transfer case following a pair of front disc brake following the former holder Perodua Nautica 4WD cars Terios which is marketed by the Malaysian Perodua.

Taufiq thought it would be easier installation because the Terios and Nautica have physical similarities, only Nautica has a slightly shorter wheelbase.

This assumption is not entirely true 100 %. Because for installing axle and transfer case, the holder must be mounted to the chassis bolt-on. More complicated because they have to remove the independent front suspension system Terios. After that could be mounted front axle and transfer case her.

Modified Daihatsu Terios TX 2007, this real 4x4!

For the next coupling can be directly installed because it uses the default Nautica. Not so with the rear. Coupling innate Terios should be cut back in order to connect to the transfer case.

Modification process is already completed is apparently still too berkendala. Ground clearance is still too low for the front wheels and 4WD frames. " Just under 17 cm, of course I'am not happy because there stuck going to be stuck here, " said the man who had a thick accent this Malay

Finally the front frame and all its 4WD system is lowered again. Because the need to modify the frame 4WD to get enough ground clearance. " Now ( ground clearance ) approximately 25 cm from the ground. It is enough to play to the beach and light off-road, " he added.

With permanent 4WD system ( full-time ) is a congenital Nautica, pri born in 1976 can beroff -road fun with his beloved wife.

References : ( Author : Celine • Text Editor : Bagja • Photos : Celine
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