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Monday, November 18, 2013

Modified Daihatsu Terios TX 2008, Family Permanent Home - Modified Daihatsu Terios TX 2008, Family Permanent Home - Being a champion in car audio contest national scale, had never imagined at all by Dany Soesanto. Daihatsu Terios Despite his success on the pitch as winners of a competition EMMA (European Mobile Media Association ) Indonesia Final 2011, ( 28/1 ) and then, but the family remains the primary interest.

Modified Daihatsu Terios TX 2008

Since the initial build Terios TX audio version of Daihatsu 's 100-year Anniversary, Dany had intended to present it to his beloved wife and family. By preparing carefully following the setting of the installation to Jhonny, fitter Mega Audio at Green Garden, Kedoya, West Jakarta.

Setting of embracing 3-way speaker system is fully constrained by the concept of sound quality ( SQ ), with consideration of more qualified to create optimal sound quality.

Modified Daihatsu Terios TX 2008

A pillar dimensions on the box as well as the door trim panel is not made redundant, for convenience, a remote control panel supported near the hand brake fixed models
Because this car is more widely used by his wife Dany, besides often used for weekend event with her children. In addition, family Dany really like this kind of music genre of pop, jazz and slow R & B. No doubt if the setting of the SQ to be the main option menu for happy families.

Sound that caught the ear of the tweeter, midrange, Scanspeak midbass and subwoofers mounted in the cabin, it sound special, especially in the vocal level.

Vowel sounds can be heard as the main element of harmony with accompaniment midbass that seem more loose. That is, the sound that is created does not sound too ' dry ', such as the setting of too many at-tuning through a digital process with the help of the processor.

Although the audio system adopted in this Terios also rely on Alpine PXA-H701 processor, but Jhonny outsmart that sound reproduction at all levels there is not too much lag. " Between sound high, mid, midrange to low, frequency-cutting in the not too distant. So it can sound more natural. "

Quality sound effects stage is also maximized by Sunmook wood, which is placed on the windshield dash dean. The function of these components to make all the noise that is created on top of the dash, can sound more focused and more silent.

Appropriate that the setting of the outcome and treatment had been given the highest points with a total value of 439, and the right to snatch the title of Champion in the Masters class 60 million.

Cosmetic Storytelling

Modified Daihatsu Terios TX 2008

Luggage space sweetened with unique cosmetic, with a design philosophy that tells of nautical adventures. Dany inspired from Rp 100 banknote denominations in circulation a few years ago, which shows the image of sailboats Phinisi Archipelago and Mount Krakatoa.

Selected philosophy nautical adventure because Dany really admire the spirit of the ancestors of Indonesia, which is known as being a true sailor. Phinisi sailboat adventure story that sailed the Pacific archipelago for 67 days, to attend a maritime exhibition in Vancouver, Canada in 1986, illustrated by creating a subwoofer box in the center as a symbol of Krakatoa.

3D painting on the left side of the box describes the journey of sailing ships sailed the oceans Phinisi archipelago. 3D images eagle on the rock on the right side of the box, illustrating the scenery around the Sunda Strait through which these sailboats. While the second wall painting 3D with subwoofer box, as a symbol of the island of Java and Sumatra.

References : ( Author: Anton • Text Editor : Bagja • Photo : Anton
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