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Monday, November 18, 2013

Modified Daihatsu Xenia 1.0 2007, Truly Extraordinary - Modified Daihatsu Xenia 1.0 2007, Truly Extraordinary - Indonesia - Yup, so the phrase is implied so we approached him based Daihatsu Xenia car while ' bud ', alias while parked in a normal state. But once the doors open ' broke ', The beautiful new was actually emitted.

Modified Daihatsu Xenia 1.0 2007

" The concept of extreme modifications, to be different from the existing ones, " said Wulan Maulani, a young mother from Tasikmalaya, West Java, is that the automotive likes this. Husband, Ruci Galina god along. Do not want responsibility, they went to the city of Yogyakarta to see the ' warriors ' best modification.

Lucky they met Harry from Catalunya workshop which undertakes both desire. " The concept and execution is entrusted to me, " said Harry, who also collaborated with workshop Kupu Kupu Night, is out of town this gudeg.

Modified Daihatsu Xenia 1.0 2007

Part five
The first step, executing the whole body. Bonnet has a new shape with a more bloated grille multilevel models, complete with grid lines that curve of composite models chrome head lamp frame adjusts Ford Fiesta.

So is the new fog lamp for fog lamp inhabited congenital Mazda2. While the front and rear bumpers and side skirts redesigned. Continues on the body side, all the swelling due to a wheel to wheel dimensions crammed gambot. Most striking in the rear wheel fender design lines directly connect to the tail lamp which has a large cross section. LED taillights alone apply.

Well, there are no less excited at the change in the upper half of the body. Reduction techniques alias chop top roof height acted. A pillar tilt angle adjustments had collapsed. Most prominently, the application cabrio concept where the entire roof can be opened up with a slope of nearly 45 degrees.

Modified Daihatsu Xenia 1.0 2007

Open it starts from the top point of the A-pillar to the base opening is the hip hinge pillar D. This change was accompanied by a fourth open side door that can open the tub flick butterfly wings.

Thus the concept is also applied on the hood to form a new sectional were halved with a pull line curved design. In total there are five parts of the body that can be opened with abnormal movements and electrical systems are all driven by a motorized full body panels including rear luggage space to inhabit parts of the audio device.

" The command enough of this Nokia mobile phone, " said Harry, concerning some of the key driving a motorized mechanism that has been incorporated in the cell phone casing.

Total Destroy cabin
In the cabin leaving hardly standard devices, all seats dilungsurkan. Front seat custom model semi -bucket racing style. Rear passenger seat only provided a custom that position in the middle of the cabin.

The appliance also overhauled dashboard speedometer panel reset to standard sliding to the middle position. The most interesting section of acrylic ceiling laced with black, like a moonroof. The final all interior panels covered with synthetic leather Murano black and orange color combination.

totality cabin
Cabin so one change that is not less interesting. " We wants the total of all sectors changed, " Wulan smile. A variety of audio devices and Symbian dominated Venom label crammed in almost every corner of this newly configured cabin.

Rear cabin looks attractive in terms of the placement of his software. Around the middle of the seat there are two pairs of 340 Venom subwoofer, two power amplifiers and two Venom 0500 Venom 340 power amplifier.

All are integrated with four pairs of speakers in all four doors VX60 Venom and 6 pieces of Symbion monitors scattered in some corner of the cabin area. Whole rows of these devices are also led by the head unit labeled Symbion.

Not in vain, the sacrifice of time and cost to realize the idea and concept of the original modification led to a number of awards. Recorded several titles ranging Extreme Best Interior, Best Motorized Exterior, Best Leather / vinyl Audi Design, Best Mini Bus, Best Daihatsu, Nominee of King Extreme, Extreme King to The Ultimate Extreme peak can be achieved in the event Accelera Auto Contest Solo series last month.

References: ( Author: Anto • Text Editor : Bagja • Photo : Anto
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