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Monday, November 18, 2013

Modified Daihatsu Xenia R MT 2011, Really A Surprise - Modified Daihatsu Xenia R MT 2011, Really A Surprise - Roby anticipation culminate with joy. The reason, he managed to get 1 unit of new Xenia at the initial appearance. Reportedly, all new Xenia owned Roby is the first unit to be delivered to customers in the area ( Bandung, Red ). " Fortunately, the unit can be quickly, so you can immediately feel his own car, " she smiled.

Modified Daihatsu Xenia R MT 2011

Roby expectations on all new Xenia did not fumble. In addition to the design of a more cool, but ( he ) could also be coupled with an increase in the quality of the display. First impressions on Roby its all new Xenia also raises the idea of doing a light dress up. " Just the appearance alone anyway. Want more extreme, unfortunately, the car was new, " he said.
And while the dress up on all new Xenia R MT was already finished, Roby was not aware if there was already 1 unit all new Xenia R AT in his garage. Xenia minded...

Modified Daihatsu Xenia R MT 2011

Modified Daihatsu Xenia R MT 2011
Roby is a selective type of owner, over the selection of wheels that will be pinned on a wheel all new Xenia. After weighing long enough, eventually Roby chose ProjectD wheels with five-spoke design. The reason, in order to support the sporty theme as he wanted.
Dimensions of 17x7 -inch wheels white with offset 40 mm ( front ) and 32 mm ( rear ), it is still safe room installed in all new Xenia wheels. " Rear wheels and fit flush with the fender, but the future is still rather go into a little, " he added. For tires, Nankang 215/50R17 use.
After the wheels and tires mounted, Roby was surprised because a wheel all new Xenia greater. " Well if in Xenia previous model, with 50 profile tires and offset like that, would have been stuck inside fender wall when turning, " she exclaimed.
Because of his all new Xenia often loaded with passengers and goods, he replaced with Kayaba Ultra sokbreker rear gas type. " Rear suspension is more stable than the previous model, but for me it still feels too soft. Now I use that type of gas, " he said.

Applications ACCENT Hood-Bra ? ALSO NOT...

Hood-bra is an additional coatings which are generally made of leather, which is useful for protecting the front of the car ( hood, bumper and fenders ), from the burst of gravel. But for Roby, mounting hood-bra on the hood, over the accent factor alone. " Just to make the look more cathcy. But my only pair on the hood alone. If it fender, afraid to look weird, " he explained.
The installation was easy. Only tie-hood bra on the inside of the hood of bone. Unfortunately, Roby forget about the leather material used on the hood-bra costing between USD 450-500 thousand.

Modified Daihatsu Xenia R MT 2011

Roof Rack & Bike Rack PRACTICAL !

For Roby, roof rack installation is quite useful when I had to carry excess luggage during long trips. " So no need to be bothered luggage and still fit a lot of people, " he said. To that end, Roby pair Thule roof rack products.
On all new Xenia, was not available for a special rail roof rack or holder. But for Thule 950 types, are available special bracket, which will ' bind ' roof rack on the right side and left the roof. To be more practical, Roby also pair the following box roof bike rack. Price, Thule roof rack for approximately 950 USD 3 million, USD 6.5 million roof box and bike rack around USD 1.5 million.

Custom hood-bra, ProjectD 17x7 -inch alloy wheels, 215/50R17 Nankang tires, rear Kayaba Ultra sokbreker, OEM head unit all new Xenia R AT, K & N air filter, roof rack Thule 950, Thule roof boxes, Thule bike rack

R-KUPS : titiran Road, London

References : ( Author: FJ Pratomo • Text Editor : Bagja • Photo : Andi
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