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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Modified Daihatsu YRV 2002, Race Hobby - Modified Daihatsu YRV 2002, Race Hobby - Since a long time hobby of racing, especially drag race the 1998 era when very crowded, making the world Ricky Prafitra Iqbal was never far from everything about the vehicle. Until now, almost all the cars are so trusty was never out of touch modification. An outline was not much of a hobby drag race past, more memorable racing.

Modified Daihatsu YRV 2002, Race Hobby

So when looking at the market price of his 2002 Daihatsu YRV drop alerts, the modification process was immediately done wholeheartedly. "No intention of selling anyway, but what I see very low market price. 's Why mending all make for the contest, " said Ricky, her nickname. The goods were installed, and the original certainly was meant powerful engine.

Options bright orange hue all over the mini MPV body, replacing the original silver, the first step to perform eye catching. Down contest, surely attract the attention of the jury. Not only the color, touch wide body with some ornaments carbon helped boost the sporty aura. Indeed, Webasto Hollandia sunroof two 500 looks awkward for a sporty character, yet effective way to hang out and an evening walk, let alone down a contest.

Aura most condensed racing behind the hood. 3KE original engine is still visible, but this time adding more pipe to the turbo. "Use Garrett GT25 ball bearing type, as well as replace the low comp pistons at Autobahn intercooler air cooler though, " continued the man who tried in the contracting field. Everyday, turbo pressure boost is set at 1 bar.

Modified Daihatsu YRV 2002, Race Hobby

No doubt, some details inevitably change must come recalculated. Call it kind of additional injector Mitsubishi 4G63T sake supply more fuel. " The cylinder head also use YRV is 1,500 cc with 3 angle valve, " commentator Bekasi residents. As a result, even small and packed with audio devices, but its power YRV somewhat qualified.

Once the engine is getting wild, do not want to abysmal, transmission, too, has been transformed. Although the original gearbox type tiptronik YRV already use. " Change intact outer wear have already YRV turbo, so tiptronik original can still be used, " said Ricky again.

Curious results change, just YRV engine dyno ride. As a result, able to record the maximum power at 202 horsepower figures, more than doubled over the original which only 74 hp.

References : ( Author : Rio • Text Editor : Bagja • Photo : Rio
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