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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Modified Ford Focus, Make Inspiration

Man Automotive - Modified Ford Focus, Make Inspiration - Erftstadt - What happens if you only have a Ford Focus hatchback but still want to compete against the German hot hatch kinds BMW M1 or Audi RS3 ? Yes, you are certainly obliged to modify in order to compete with two cars.

Modified Ford Focus, Make Inspiration

Well, that's what made the German tuner, MR Car Design to enhance the look and performance of the three- door Focus RS.

Seen from the outside, looks Focus Rs undergo changes that minimalist, thanks laburan white color on the body and the rim, as well as black accents on the airdam and rear diffuser.

Understandably, with an extra body at the back of the front fender, rear spoiler, and side skirts as the default device, is sufficient to support male and sporty impression on the Focus RS.

And the changes are proud of MR Car Design lies precisely in the engine sector. MR Car Design For dispensing kitchen runway powerful 2.5-liter 305 hp Focus RS innate owned that is now capable of spraying up to 360 hp.

The increase in power is due to the installation of a custom exhaust system equipped 200 cell catalytic converter. Then use the air filter K & N. And of course, the remapping in the computer sector.

Unfortunately, gearbox Focus RS which has a divider and front-wheel drive system. So as to accelerate from rest to 100 km / h takes 5.9 seconds.

Finally, the improved stability and handling, the package Variant1 coilover suspension from KW lined up to replace the standard shock absorbers. How cool, right? *refrences : Ilham & Bagja( • Photo : Ford
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