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Saturday, December 14, 2013

10 Part Four wheel drive Car

10 Part Four wheel drive Car :

10 Part Four wheel drive Car

1. Axle Housing rail, this section can be regarded as the foundation of heavy cargo car, because it is rear wheel section, especially on cars or minibuses charge.

2. Gasket. Parts used to inhibit leakage of oil is also an important part of the axle. If the leak will result in tooth axle lubrication imperfect tail damage to the axle gear

3. Differential Carrier. Differential teeth mounted on this section. To reset a new or replacement tooth is delepaskan part of the differential housing.

4. Differential ring gear and drive pinion gear kit. Named kits due to differential repair simply by replacing a part of this section.

5. Differentian part of this carrier to lure one side of the ring gear bearing.

6. Both latches the drive shaft bearings should be replaced if there appears to be a point of time unpacking the black dots or already colored black.

7. Oil Seal is located at the end of this function prevents the differential housing so that the oil does not run out. If you find around these parts there are wet due to seepage of oil should immediately replace the new seal.

Flange joint 8.Universal this is part of the forward propeller shaft Differential rotation besides that it also functions as a cap so that oil does not come out.

9. Differential pinion gear call it a satellite or a mechanic. The teeth are set so that when the car swerved left and right wheel speeds can mutually adjust.

10. Drive shaft fastening nut is often overlooked. It did not occur to check if still buttoned, particularly in the car with cargo.
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