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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

All New Honda Jazz 2008 Modification

Man Automotive - All New Honda Jazz 2008 Modification - Demo vehicle workshop is appropriate work is a masterpiece in order to obtain the trust of prospective customers. This is done by Efdi Irawan, owner of Pacific Accessories & Car Audio in Palembang, South Sumatra.

All New Honda Jazz 2008 Modification

Modification of the exterior and interior as well as in car entertainment, so the 22-year-old specialty of this. However, in car entertainment sector showed the most dominant. Head unit immediately replaced with the factory default output Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD type of touch screen and has a built-in crossover. "Although the built-in crossover, but I do not use it, because it can not custom," bright young man who was called Emon by the customer and his friends.

To adjust the cutting frequency and time alignment is done via a JBL MS-8 digital processor. Venom front speakers rely Alert 3 way manifold. "For me cutting frequency tweeter set in a 6 KHz and for mid range frequency set at 2 kHz while the mid bass enough to play at 500 Hz rate," explained the young man's birthday every April 1.

Rear speakers simply by relying on coaxial models of Venom Diablo series. As for the subwoofer entrust a pair of Venom Diablo 12 inch with box mix made of MDF and fiberglass models sealed with a volume of 1 cubic feet per box.

All New Honda Jazz 2008 Modification

For energy-producing sectors to each speaker and the subwoofer using the product alerts Venom V 1500 XD series black monoblock to drive a subwoofer and black Venom V 450 X series to drive a 3-way front speakers. Rear coaxial speakers rely on the power of the head unit power 50 W.

Not only the sound system are upgraded in total, adding the monitor did not miss. No half-hearted there are a total of 17 units of monitors with 3 different sizes. "In order to contest a visitor or customer can enjoy movies or games impressions from various sides and also as an attraction to glance at my work," said the futsal enthusiast. There are three 14-inch Samsung monitor as many as 5 pieces, 7 inch monitor DAT 7 DAT fruits and monitor 9 inch 5 pieces. Entertainment in the cabin more cool with the Sony PlayStation 2.

The results proved to be in an event held by Accelera successfully won the runner up to King Elegant Palembang region. - References : Mobil Otomotifnet.

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