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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Consider Safety Features Passenger Car Xenia (SRS Airbag)

Consider Safety Features Passenger Car Xenia - One of the benefits or advantages of car Daihatsu Xenia is more assurance of the safety of passengers when driving. Why? Because Daihatsu Xenia car is equipped with additional safety features for passengers in addition to the seat belt as well as that of the most cars in general.

The provision of this additional safety feature is as it should be done considering the condition of the roads in Indonesia, which is quite dense and frequent accidents. So, with the additional security devices xenia passenger in the car, the passenger safety while driving is Daihatsu's output can be guaranteed in the event of an accident rather than just relying on a seat belt alone.

Consider Safety Features Passenger Car Xenia

What additional security features or devices for the passengers?
The safety device is a Supplementary Restrain System airbags or better known as SRS airbag. SRS airbag in the car xenia is arguably an advanced security features. Therefore, SRS airbags mounted in the car daihatsu xenia is equipped with three sensors, one of which serves as the ECU of the airbag itself. The third sensor is located on the right, left and below the dashboard.

Then how the safety features work (SRS airbags) in xenia car?
How it works is quite systematic security devices, airbags in the car will automatically exit and inflate if the car had crashed. Well how come? All three sensors which serves as the role that the ECU and find out if the car was a collision or not.
The trick, the sensor will read or consider a car involved in a collision if the rate or speed of the car is reduced by a sudden significant in a short time. So, if the speed of the car is suddenly reduced significantly, the pendulum is in the sensors were going to move into the sensor to activate the airbag ECU.

Yes if the speed reduction is actually a collision, what if only braking impromptu, whether airbags will also be out and expand?

xeniaTentu airbag airbag is not as easy as it will be active, because if so that would certainly bother the rider alone if suddenly inflate the airbag out and while the car is not an accident. Airbag is in the xenia car will only do rescue (out and expands) if a third sensor was (2 sensors in the front and the ECU is under the dashboard) declared invalid, in the sense that actually occurred significantly to the reduction of vehicle speed and it had to occur within a short time in seconds that is no more than 1 second. In addition, this system will only work if there is a frontal collision from the front or the collision with a maximum slope of 30 degrees, not the accident from the side.

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In addition, in order to be assured of the safety of passengers, the car manufacturer xenia is also modifying the seat belt in order to function more optimally in conjunction with the airbag. Ie, with the addition of features Front Row Seatbelt with Pretensionner and Force Limiter which works to attract temporary seat belt when out and inflate the airbag. The withdrawal of the 15-cm and for 0.2 seconds, after that, the seat belt will slacken again. Thus, the driver's body will be pulled back (to the back of) by the moment when the seat belt and airbag burst out and after that the seat belt will come back again. This course is an advanced feature considering passenger safety can be assured when things happen that we do not want such as an accident or collision. But back again better be careful and do not wander from the drive so that we survived and we xenia car is not damaged by the collision.
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