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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Function Injection How It Works

Function Injection How It Works - Functions and how the components of an electronic gasoline fuel injection or EFI system consists of two main systems, namely the fuel system, air induction system.

Function Injection How It Works

Fuel System
Fuel system functions to deliver fuel from the tank to the combustion chamber.

Fuel system components consist of:

1. Fuel Pumps
Fuel pump is used to deliver fuel from the tank to the injector. Digukanan fuel pump is an electric fuel pump.

2. Fuel pulsation damper
Fuel pulsastion serves as an absorber damper on the duct pressure changes due to the injection pressure. Fuel pressure in the intake manifold is maintained by a pressure regulator.

3. Pressure Regulator
Pressure regulator controls the fuel pressure to the injectors. The amount of fuel injected is regulated by signals given to the injector so that the pressure must be kept on each of each injector. To get the right amount of spraying, the fuel pressure should be maintained approximately 2.55 kg/cm2.

4. Injector
The injector nozzle is a free electromagnetic controlled by a computer works. The injector is equipped with a heat insulator at the inlet or at the head close to the hole slinder income.

5. Cold Start Injector
Cold start injector is used to supply the materials when the motor temperature is still low. The injector is mounted at the center of the room air. Injector works only at the start when the cooling water temperature in that 220 celsius.
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