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Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to Check the axle shaft

How to Check the axle shaft - Examination of the axle shaft is divided into 3 parts ;

1. Demolition
  • Remove the universal joints and bearings differential Dair middle of the frame buffer and then release the propeller shaft
  • Before removing the propeller shaft flange connector of the members do not forget to mark the installation.
  • Enter the special equipment into the back end of the transmission to prevent oil leakage.
  • Prepare the propeller shaft above the work bench
  • Put a mounting flange yoke and propeller shaft.
  • Remove the ring and open the folder bearing spider / rear needle.
  • Open and remove the snap ring from the needle bearings / spider front.
  • Press one end of the needle bearings with a vise and socket size 14 mm and 21 mm so that the other side of batnalan the needle goes into the socket size 21 cm
  • At the propeller shaft to the bearing needle bearing is pulled out and the guard should not be falling.

How to Check the axle shaft

2. Examination
  • Wash disassembled parts and check for worn or corroded damaged.
  • Examine the possibility numbered wear, damaged, deformed
  • Yoke connection circuitry sheath check the parts that may be worn, damaged and deformed.
  • Check the flange yoke universal joints worn and damaged possibilities.

3. Assembly
  • Attach the propeller shaft components corresponding serial numbers.
  • pairs on sipder on Yoke by using special equipment or tools and a variety of presses is first mounted on a bearing on either the spider in the same way.
  • After dipsang, subtlety examiner detour round the sheath or flange yoke to the left and to the right.
  • Put the shaft with fittings after installation of signs made time release matched.
  • At the time of installing propeller shaft 3 connection, first adjust a position in the middle of the vehicle bearing no load.
  • Suitable bearing center line should be perpendicular to the central axis of the center line.
  • Set the completed installation of the connection part Univesal, sheath yoke that goes into the transmission must be given lubricating oil
  • Pump up the bolt fastener according to its specifications.

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