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Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to Easily Clean Carburetor

How to Easily Clean Carburetor - Carburetor is one component that has a very important role in the working cycle of the machine, because the carburetor acts as a medium mixing air and fuel for combustion in a vehicle. Therefore, we should always be diligent to clean the carburetor vehicles we periodically to avoid fatal damage in the future. Moreover, if the vehicle is a vehicle output in long or vehicles that have been aged naturally we must be more diligent cleaning, at least once a month.

Carburetor Cleaning the Easy Way
Then how do I clean it (clean the carburetor)?

Here are the steps that you can do to clean the carburetor:
First: you can start with a clean air filter is mounted on the carburetor hole first. The trick is to remove the air filter and spray with high-pressure winds (eg by using a compressor). But, there are some carburetor made of foam material, now for carburetor made of foam, you can clean by washing thoroughly and then allowed to dry.

Second: after you have finished cleaning the air filter, then proceed with removing the bolts are installed on the carburetor house, along with choke and the gas valve.

Third: After you remove the bolts before, and then must let loose carburetor components like the carburetor bowl, float, float needle, main jet, pilot jet and other components and place the carburetor that you have these off into a container which was filled with gasoline.

Fourth: Clean the carburetor with a brush afterwards proceed with spraying them with wind from the compressor so that the dirt sticks to the carburetor hole becomes lost, spuyernya As for cleaning, you can clean it with a thin layer mengamplasnya way using fine sandpaper. But be careful when you are sanding spuyernya, try not too pressed when sanding so that the diameter spuyernya unchanged.

Fifth: reattach the nozzle that you have to clean earlier. Be careful, do not be too hard to put spuyernya.

Sixth: set the float height using calipers gasoline or Sigmat.

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Last: reinstall the components that you have to clean the carburetor was normal. Do not forget to set the condition of the engine idling, you can do so by turning the nozzle of wind-wind up stuck in the same direction clockwise. The setup process is done in a state of the engine, after you turn the nozzle was stuck then turn back up until a few rounds to find a standard that is fit for your vehicle.
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