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Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to Improve Compression Machine

How to Improve Compression Machine - Despite the fact that there will be a side effect or impact that would occur if we try to make modifications to improve the compression in the engine of our car, but nonetheless there are still many people who ignore it for the sake of getting what they want on their car engines, the increasing power on their car engine . Therefore, a high compression engine will make the engine capable of producing greater power.

How to Improve Compression Machine

What side effects or impacts that would occur if we increase the compression of the engine?
Side effects or impact most noticeably on the increase in compression engine is the engine heat will be faster than ever. In addition, high compression engine is also very prone to cause a knocking, but you do not have to worry, because for this problem we still can work around this by using a fuel that has a higher octane levels.

Then, how to improve the compression engine so the engine has more power?
The first step you should take to increase the engine compression is to reduce the volume of the combustion chamber. You can do this by memapas headnya. This step must you do to be more increased pressure. But breathing in this head should be no more than 5 mm.

After the completion of the first step you do, then proceed with the second step with the suction holes soften the cylinder head. This process is also known as ported polish. The process is aimed at smoothing the suction hole that carburetion is faster because the air entering the combustion chamber to be smooth no barriers at all.

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And the last step you should do is to replace the car with a congenital piston dome pistons or piston uppers have a high dome. Because by doing the turn piston with the piston dome volume of the combustion chamber will be more narrow so that the pressure will be greater and thus the compression produced by the engine will be further improved too.
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