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Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to Modify Motorcycles For More Toned

How to Modify Motorcycles For More Toned - For those of you who like the speed, of course you want the performance of the motor is much more increased. There are several ways in order to power the motor modifications stronger and a faster pace. It is suitable for those of you who have a hobby of racing.
But do not ever do the occasional wild race, because in addition to endangering the safety, you also threatened to go to jail. Follow the official race so that your safety is guaranteed.

How to Modify Motorcycles For More Toned

Well, here are some ways to be more toned motorcycle modification:
  • Reduce the weight of the piston. Often the weight of the piston makes your engine work more extra. By reducing the weight of the piston, the engine will work the bike lighter and faster.
  • Reduce the volume of the combustion chamber. If your motor has high compression, this could have an effect on the speed of the motor and the power generated. For that you need to increase the compression of the engine. This can be done by grinding the cylinder so that compression will be much more improved.
  • Extending flushing hole. Mixture of gas and air entering the combustion chamber is quite influential on the motor power. More and more gas entering the better the gas density increases so much compression. You can expand the flushing hole so that more incoming gas. But the expansion of the hole should be at normal flushing, flushing means do not expand the hole too wide as this can actually make the machine broken.
  • Increase Power. In general, electric power on a motorcycle is 6 volts. You can change it to 12 volts. In addition to the bike go faster, the lights will turn on the motor is also lighter so it is safe when driving at night.
  • Replace gears. Replace the rear gears with smaller size and lighter so that the speed of the motor to be balanced.

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Some modifications to the motor way above you can practice that the bike becomes tighter. But then again, never abused it like doing a wild race. If you like racing, you should follow the official race even safer.
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