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Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to Removing and Replacing Car Steering wheel with makeshift equipment

In certain circumstances you may need to remove the steering wheel of your car, because you can feel the steering wheel of your car sideways (not in harmony with the wheel) or just because you are bored with your current steering wheel and want to replace it with a new steering wheel you buy.

For this matter (remove and reinstall the steering wheel) you do not need to spend extra money to pay for the actual repair shop because you can do it yourself though with makeshift tools and without any experience and expertise.

How to Removing and Replacing Car Steering wheel with makeshift equipment

Starting from how to remove or unlock the steering wheel:
The first step you need to do is open the horn button or horn known as the pad first. The trick is to open the bolt that is under the horn button, usually bolt that is under the horn is the bolt size of 8 mm or bolt with star lock. So you can use the key or keys of 8 mm to open it.

Second: after you open the bolt had been successful, then the horn pad off of stangnya by dragging. But before that make sure you unplug the existing horn on horn pad.

Third: after the success of your horn pad off, should you will see the bolts again but with a larger size ie 19 mm bolts. Loosen the bolts and then remove the wheel by pulling, remember last 19mm bolt loosened just enough not to be opened or removed. It is intended that the wheel does not hurt your face when pulling a face because it is not uncommon to be a victim when the steering wheel is pulled, especially if the condition of the steering wheel is new or has not been released, the wheel will be difficult to be drawn.

Fourth: congratulations you managed to remove the steering wheel of your own car despite using makeshift tools.

Then how to put it back, actually without dituntunpun you can certainly put it back. But there are important things you need to consider when you are going to put the wheel back. You have to make sure if the position of the front wheel completely straight before you install the steering wheel. Therefore, if you plug the steering wheel when the position of the front wheel is not straight then that will happen is the steering wheel tilts and would be very danger at all if you are driving a car with the steering wheel tilted position in the street.

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But still, there are simple tips you can do to make sure you put the steering wheel on the position of the front wheels completely straight. That is when you install the last wheel, its 19mm bolts fitted but not too tight (slack tide only), and then run the car in a straight position. Once you are sure the position of the front wheels is completely straight, then off again to remove the wheel bolts are not tightened 19 mm earlier. After that reinstall the wheel and tighten the bolt also its 19 mm.
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